Saturday 29 August 2015

The Beano new logo and a World Record no.3800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its beaten The Dandy and Comic Cuts..its now official its a Record Breaker!
30th July 1938...during World War 2 time it went fortnightly due to paper rationing then back to weekly reach issue no.3800!!!!!
There are  a World record attempt inside to get the most people dressed has Dennis and Minnie..
Toytopia is running this
Also a drawing contest by toytopiaworld inside The Beano to draw a brand new toy of your design to win VIP tickets to the place..
A new kind of Les Pretend...But this guy is in the fantasy of Wrestling! like how the Mum is so used to it!!!! Its interesting to see dangerous things in The Beano again..of course kids can see this is fantasy and over the top..

Its nice the blue added to the logo..and its always fun having characters popping out of the o!
Its always nice these strips showing old characters...of course I would love to see it has a full page..

from Beano 18th July 2015

It's been great this new artist...and bringing back detail and of course Calamity James.. 

Spot the squelchies!! David Sutherland still drawing brilliant Bash Street kids...hes been working for The Beano from 1960!

Great to see this character back and love seeing fantasy blurred with reality..Nigel Parkinson

Same with this character adventure Tim...hope he gets to do this has two pages...and longer Alan Ryan's work love the longer stories on Dennis the Menace and the fantasy it goes into sometimes...this is a one off..But we seen Walter's Dad become Mayor and the latest is Gnasher has gone missing..

 enjoying the files of Beanotown by Nigel Parkinson

Not the Buster comic character of the 90's...But a reader can ask to be made into a comic character from their nickname...again love the strangeness and fantasy element..

 Great to see Little Plum and Baby-Face in 25th April 2015 issue..quite a lot of the pages come from this comic..

So these are my highlights of this years... The Beano..

Of course Commando has had more issue numbers But is different to a comic being a comic library size and features just one story it came out in 1961 ..hopefully Commando is also a record breaker too...The Home Of Heroes since 1961 — Four stories of action and adventure every two weeks


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Ah, so this is what the Beano's like now! Been a couple of years since I bought it - just massively turned off by the amount of Nigel Parkinson in there mostly.

Alan Ryan's stuff looks good though, and whoever's doing James nowadays, it's a valiant effort. Little Plum and Lucy Lastic are by Hunt Emerson, in case you're wondering. That's a great idea though, making comics out of readers' nicknames. Nice to see Dave Sutherland's still at it, the man's an unsung national treasure!

Peter Gray said...

I've shown my favourties in The Beano..what I enjoy most..
Barrie A draws Roger..
Minnie by Nigel P

joecab said...

I have been out of it ... I've heard they've made changes to Dennis since the advent of his cartoon but is that really what his dad looks like now? No more whacks with a slipper, I suppose! But I'm very glad David Sutherland is still on Bash Street even while in his eighties. (Still wish he was still doing Dennis and his way, though!)