Friday 25 April 2014

UPDATED!!!! A funny look at Beanotown The Beano Book 1974 by Robert Nixon

Recently Beanotown map was shown in the free giveaway Beano in the Mail on Sunday.
Heres the Beanotown drawn in great wonderful detail by Robert.

I like Dennis and Gnasher's house best!!

This picture inspired me as a kid to make my own Beanopoly (Monopoly) and making the cards. Great fun to do..
From the Daily Mail the free sample Beano ...the Beanotown was shown better in the 75th Beano.

Looking at this I don't think this is Robert Nixons work... 
you can see traces of the 1974 version. The cage is not for Biffo this time (Biffo lives in a cave!) But Baby-Face..
Little Plum now lives in a wigwam in the distance...

Love the end pages at the back of the 1993 Beano book at night time..its all very well done..
Thanks TwoHeadedBoy for the reminder of this gem..

Monday 21 April 2014

Whoopee!! at Easter 1978!

 A very unSweeny Toddler ending...well it is Easter!

 Love Mike's drawings...
This appeared for a short time before Bookworm started..not sure if this is a reprint from Whizzer and chips or new for Whoopee!!

 nothing to do with Easter But here it is by Ken Reid...good creepy bats!!

 A very funny story...and a new Easter custom!!!
 The newsagent man is not scared of them anymore!

 Rolling eggs down a hill...when did it start?

 A great poster by Terry Bave of the current Whoopee!! characters...
Hope you enjoyed your Easter!!

Sunday 20 April 2014

Retro Beano wrapping paper...

I've seen this page as wrapping paper so I'd thought you'd like to see the back page as well..

I always liked the Menace gang v's the Softy gang...

In the same issue the name Gnipper is mentioned...before there was a real Gnipper later on mid 80's...

Saturday 19 April 2014

Early 1955 Harold hare by Hugh McNeill Jack and Jill comic

Its fun seeing this early version of Harold Hare..He is more cuter and shorter...Harold Hare is such a great fun character no wonder he got his own comic later on...

Friday 18 April 2014

My new art...

Eastbourne pier...

Might do some more landscapes as they are popular...I like doing seasides!! The needles in Cornwall might be next to paint..
In art you can change the persepctive so for me the pier was important so its a lot bigger than it should be..

lion cub

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