Wednesday 28 January 2015

Winston Churchill The Giants Sparky book 1976

 Very powerful image...a nice feature in the book...Churchill by  Iain Kennedy

Livingston by Keith Robson 

Its fun Jim's version of Giants in the book.
Thanks Keith Robson for the names at facebook

Monday 26 January 2015

Roy Wood from The Wizard on the cover of Sparky! Pop Mad!

 The Sparky logo with the laughing faces don't work for me looks a bit rushed...though the hands holding up signs and the 5p hanging off the finger is fun..

I get the joke now he looks like an lion...GULP!
Its Glam rock era...
There is a joke about Gary Glitter on Pop Mad!!!

Its nicely done cartoons mixing with photos and some nice jokes...this feature didn't last long...shame has I like it..

The photos have come out pretty well...better when Wow comic when they did a similar thing with Star Turns with tv and pop photos and jokes in the 80's..

Thursday 22 January 2015

The Beezer's True Brit what happened next!!!!!

Has you can see later on he looses his British flag logo from jumper and sheild and is replaced with a lightning bolt and his power is not Brit power But Silicon chip power!!! The character didn't last long...shame! 
I won't speculate why the changes happened...I'll leave that to you...

Sunday 18 January 2015

Inside The Beezer 13th Feb 1988 featuring the first Club 5 and The Beezers (Sting the bee!)

A Wham Bar given two new characters join The Beezer in this issue!
I like True Brit and the Silly Party! Shame it didn't last that long...

Brian Walker does a nice Pop, Dick and Harry. Also a funny story!

Not sure who drew this...I know Steve Bright did later on..
Free gifts means new readers so comic page characters are reintroduced.

Barrie's work is always good fun in this era..Cuddles and Dimples on holiday!
 I bet Barrie loved drawing this! 

 I'm in love with Marina!

John Geering
The pages are lot more focussed on the characters and less detailed backgrounds...not so keen..
 Gordon Bell
Just like Young Sid the page has a small strip on the page..

I like comic characters enjoying the free gift from the comic..
Bob McGrath

Monday 12 January 2015

The Topper's Thor Thumb by Murray Ball

                                                                    15th Jan 1972
 Love the different angles used in the story...must try and get some more of these...
The last one 1st Sept 1973
I love the writing on this last kind of humour..I love him complaining its the last one!
The 70's Topper had some surreal writing and characters...
Use the label below to see more from Murray Ball.

Sunday 11 January 2015

Whoopee!! comics Dick Doobie back to front man by Steve Bell

With the help of a computer we can now read it without a mirror...
Its such a tricky thing to read..and quite a bizarre strip idea!!
Whoopee!! 27th May 1978
The character didn't last very sure gave readers a challenge.

Saturday 10 January 2015

Sparky book's Brainless by John Geering 1980

This last ever Sparky book before it joined Topper book the next year...this had lots of reprints...But very welcome to see... there was one new element and is throughout the book Brainless. He is even on the cover drawn by John Geering.
This character who was never in the comic of Sparky which ended in 1977 is brand new for this book. He has the look of Frank Spencer about him! I love this character as a kid and used to draw my own cartoon version of a cowboy with sleeves too long and hat large covering his eyes. 

Quite a strong joke if you take it too serious today..

 The beginning and end papers of the book.
love the background character John has drawn...

Monday 5 January 2015

Ken Reid's Robot Smith from Jackpot comics -no. 1 from May 1979

I always thought John Geering draws this strip which he does later on...But just discovered its Ken Reid!!
So a new one for me and probably other Ken Reid fans out there..His pal looks like Faceache's friend!
Jackpot No. 2

Ken Reid at least draws this up to number 14.
15 is by John Geering then now and again until 20.

No.19 Jackpot Ken Reid

John Geering Robot Smith No.20

Kazoop! whose a big Ken Reid fan have you seen this?