Friday 30 September 2011

UPDATED Peter Ford's Tv Action's Dad's Army thanks to Phil Rushton

Here's an example of Kids' Army from Tops no.2:

I know it's only tangentially related to David Croft but the Dad's Army connection is specifically mentioned in the header (in fact it's the only thing that really justifies the strip's inclusion in a comic based around TV shows and personalities). Also it's exceptionally well drawn imho; anybody recognize the artist?

- Phil Rushton

...And finally, in spite of this supposedly being a non-comics discussion, here's an example of Bill Titcombe's version of Dad's Army from TV Comic, followed by a page of Hi De Hi from TV Tops:
Phil Rushton

In keeping with the tribute to David Croft here is Dad's Army from TV Action comic.

Drawn by Peter Ford.

Its lovely seeing new adventures of this comedy series in the comics...this is what is good with the comic medium.

Dad's Army was also in Tv Comic.

As for spin-off series you might want to check out 'Kids' Army' from DC Thomson's Tops.

- Phil Rushton

Thursday 29 September 2011

Wow comic's Rob Lee's Hi de hi hi de hooooo

Wow number 1 5th June 1982

Wow number 2 12th June 1982

This strip is superly done by Rob Lee who has that great Robert Nixon style...this strip didn't last long sadly..about 20 issues But was reprinted in Wow summer specials..

Based on Hi de Hi the comedy by David Croft and Jimmy Perry...
David Croft has died and leaves us with some great comedies to enjoy over and over again..

Monday 19 September 2011

See the first Bill Ritchie's Toots from Bunty number 1 thanks to stevezodiac

1958 Bunty number 1
What a masterpiece and this character ran for over 30 years by the same artist Bill Ritchie!!

I have finally found the sketch that Bill sent to me some years back after I had written to him: stevezodiac
what a gem to own..

just found the envelope that that sketch came in and Bill also sent me a nice letter and some Cat Street photocopies including this one featuring the artist himself (with a little note from him at the bottom) ..stevezodiac

Interesting to seeing all the cutting Bill had collected for reference to his drawings..

Quotes and pictures from comicsuk forum..

Monday 12 September 2011

Jack and Jill's Bert Felstead Fliptail the otter

This is a reprint from Jack and Jill comic 11th April 1981..

I wonder if the story carried on with a big mess in the house caused by those two..

this as a good guess is by Bert Felstead..UPDATE it is the Otter&cat=all&bool=phrase

..just love the little animals in the background..oooh this is just so could eat it:) it makes me feel very young reading these..

also love the art in Katie Country Mouse..anyone know the artist..couldn't see it at Look and Learn..the style must be similar to another strip..

My favourite Felstead strip (though he wasn't the only one to draw it) was Fliptail the Otter, which not only featured delightful colouring but also included some beautifully realistic wildlife art alongside the more cartoonish characters such as Fliptail himself.

Here's an example taken from my own collection of original art which didn't cost me anything like as much as that Leo page. Of course there are many more pages on display at the excellent Look & Learn site.
Phil Rushton.

lots more to see here at Look and Learn site..

Ken Reid's Scorcher and Score's Harry Hammertoe the Soccer Spook

2nd June 1973

3rd March 1973

Heres a new Ken Reid i've missed..

Its worth buying the football comic just for Ken's work alone:)

Saturday 10 September 2011

Bert Felstead's Jack and Jill comic's The Happy days of Teddy and Cuddly

Jack and Jill 28th Jan 1961
I love this story...

Parents today should buy old nursery comics like Jack and Jill from ebay and read them to there children or with them..
Junior comics today are just boring, badly drawn or just photos of the tv character and very simple activities mags and have very little in story telling or good fun art picture stories..just an idea:)

Jack and Jill 16th March 1962
You can see Bert 'Fel' Felstead signature...

Bert Felstead drew this strip as well as Hugh McNeill

Solano Lopez's Score and Roar's Nipper thanks to Steel Claw!

NIPPER - Appeared in all 41 Issues of SCORE 'n' Roar No.1 (Sep 19th 1970) To (June 26th 1971) and made the merge to SCORCHER AND SCORE (July 3rd 1971)Steel Claw

See Steel's site on Score and Roar and the other characters here..