Friday 26 March 2010

Gordon Bell's comic adverts for the 90's Beano comic

A lot of adverts in The Beano of the 90's appeared in this form and its nice it blends in and drawn by a great artist.
Also they are nice and zany!

Thursday 25 March 2010

Paddy Brennan's The White Witch The Topper early 60's

Kashgar wrote:
it was only with The White Witch, which featured in Topper's full colour centre-spread, that we get an absolute idea of how Paddy sought to interpret the work of Rider Haggard. It is brilliant though.

Though I've got most episodes of the later two sequels I really wish I had more examples from 'The White Witch' (adapted from a Rider Haggard book better known simply as 'She'). As can be seen in this action-packed installment Brennan was capable of producing work that IMHO bears comparison with some of the very greatest newspaper strips, such as Hal Foster's Prince Valiant. One thing that impresses me is the positive depiction of certain black characters - particularly the noble warrior Umslopogaas who has far more in common with Conan the Barbarian than any of the usual racial caricatures that tended to appear in British comics of the early 1960s.
Phil Rushton

The large colour panels really show off the battle in a powerful way...
Paddy at his best..

Thanks to Phil Rushton and Kashgar at comicsuk forum.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Plug comic 1977- Using photos in comic pages

Gordon Bell

David Gudgeon

Bill Ritchie

Vic Neill

Plug comic used to its advantage the high quality of the paper used and mixed photograhs into stories and used well for the letter page.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

The Beezer book 1960 The Giant Killer of Judah

Maybe the pictures are a bit chocolate boxey with too much colour and twee...But the last pictures do show the drama with the large shadow of Goliath over David and the dead Goliath has David gets ready to chop his head off..

It is signed But I can't read the signature in the corner of last picture.
Blog post inspired by this post..

Thanks to Phil Rushton
1963 Beezer book the artist is Millar-Watt.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Robin Gray's Art slideshow by my Clumsy Colin Skips crisps Buster 1985..

My Dad when he was alive did loads of amazing art and drawings see the examples above..I'm very sorry his work wasn't recognised at the time and should of got people buying his work or prints..he was starting to sell a few prints with encouragment from me But died suddenly from Cancer..
He was a Graphic Designer most of his life and drew art in his spare time for pleasure..which give me pleasure and inspiration today..partly why I'm drawing animals today which I would of loved to be able to show Dad..and have been a bigger success then my cartoons at craft fairs I do..
To see Dad's Art slideshow please send me a email and I'll give you the Kodak photos will be impressed..

I loved Skips as a kid..still do..though the flavour has changed a lot over the years..they have got rid of lots of E numbers and made it healthy..

I liked Clumsy Colin and its always nice when a product has a character to go with it..
The comic page looks like it was done by Robert Nixon? just before he left to DC Thomson.

Monday 8 March 2010

Graham Exton writes his first Sweeny Toddler in Judge Dredd style!!

A real classic Sweeny Toddler Whoopee cover.also nice logo of Whoopee done in the 2000AD cover.

How come you ended up with Sweeny - I assume you worked
closely with Tom Paterson on this?

I thought it would be amusing to have Sweeny dress up as Judge Dredd
and shout, “Me IS the Law!” so I did a script with him on the cover doing
just that. I sent it to IPC and Mark Rodgers (him again!) happened to be in
the office at the time. Bob Paynter was taken with the Sweeny idea, and was
showing it to his pals, saying, “Look what Tom did!” Mark recognised the style
and pointed out that I did it, so they then offered me Sweeny on a full-time
basis. I don’t know who was doing it before then. I was very happy to get the
cover and the best character. Sadly, I don’t know Tom Paterson at all!
The scripts were sent to IPC, and then on to Tom, who did his wonderful
stuff. As we are both Baxendale fans, it wasn’t hard to keep everything
consistent with the Sweeny style. A lot of writers and artists must have
shared the feeling of tossing work out into a void, then seeing it in print a
month or so later. It was very strange.

Read the rest of the interview at toonhound..

More drawn adverts in 80's Whoopee comics

Weetabix adverts before the OK! gang took over..
I love the crocodile drawing of him eating beans on toast..lovely and 3D..

Sunday 7 March 2010

More 80's Weetabix drawn adverts from Whoopee comic..

Don't these just capture the 80's..
BMX..early computers..Choos your own adventures (which I loved and collect today..)

Thursday 4 March 2010

Remember to place your order at the Newsagent..

Soem nice imagnative drawn adverts..

Todays kids don't walk to the newsagent to buy a comic..its often bought by a parent at a supermarket...comics had more power when it was your choice, your pocket money and that you bought it..

I had a regular order for Big comic in the 80's at the newsagent..
I also remember the excitement of the walk to the newsagent...I often walked quickly!! Especially on Beano day:)