Friday 10 November 2017

Reg Parlett's Ivor Lott and Tony Broke are the winners of the poll...So Rebellion please use this poll to inspire which book to do next year thanks.

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Thursday 9 November 2017

Reg Parlett's Ivor Lott is the most popular at the moment for a Rebellion type book voting at facebook

The top 3 coices for a Rebellion Reg Parlett book so far..
voting ends tomorrow evening..

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              Monday 30 October 2017

              The Beezer new stories 1957 Hornet Wilson and Bucko's flying bedstead!

               Ken Hunter

              Davey Sell thanks to Molly Martin for the interesting info about the artist life..

              First — saw your Hedgehogs on FaceBook (linked from blog) and they are just as dear and bright as can be! Love them!
              I am writing because I googled my ex-husband, David Sell, a cartoonist, and your blog came up and I wanted to thank you for a nice piece and also to add some info of my own, if you like.
              You are correct that he also did Mum's the Word and Krazy — whatever they'd give him, be it pictures, lyrics, wise-cracks, you name it!
              Davey worked and lived in Belgravia, London both at cartooning and managing tenants in beautiful Chesham Street, when I met him. He was raised in Nottingham, went to "High Pavement" school (oh those names!) He came to California with me (he called himself my "souvenir") in 1979, and we married in 1980.
              He was such an incredible artist that one of my favorite games was for him to start drawing and see how long it took me to figure out what the picture even was — somehow he could just keep me guessing... and then came the dawn — brilliant!
              He did a few gentle/silly semi-political cartoons for for the UNiversity of California at Berkeley's paper The Daily Californian, in about 1981 and did a few sex-pot strips for some big-bosomed x-rated magazines, including Fling magazine... (I remember one called Sheer Luck Holds. Watson was a woman... it was full of awful puns, of course — the ending punchline was "Alimentary, dear Watson" concerning the last bit of the alimentary canal... )
              He went to work for an advertising agency, Ketchum Communications, in San Francisco, and even got one of their "Right Way Awards" for innovation and being consistently beyond expectations, but then got laid off when things slowed down.
              Davey had been working on a Death with Dignity campaign
              sadly he passed away in 2009.

               (he never knew his Persian father, but his Mum was a Postmistress from York who'd been blown off her bicycle by a doodle-bug during the war.)
              Among the images googling David Sell Cartoons I found what can only be a self-portrait of Davey drawing Tony Blair, I believe also an homage to another cartoonist... (in the style of...) though I can't quite pin it down!
              Anyway, if you care to select a few things to update your info on him, that would be great — I leave it to your discretion, but thought you deserved a fuller picture as it is obvious that you are giving it your All and aiming for accuracy in your blogs, which is greatly appreciated!
              Best — Molly Martin

              Thanks Molly for the extra info about this unique drawing style artist.

              Thursday 27 April 2017

              Tribute to my favourite comic artist Leo Baxendale.1930 - 2017

              I discovered Leo Baxendale's comic work in The Best of Beezer and his amazing Banana Bunch poster pages which is my favourite of all his work. I in 1988 onwards had a go myself with the Giggle Gang which were great fun to draw and Leo must of got a lot of pleasure drawing them too.
              I would love a poster book to come out of his work...or they could make great jigsaws. 

               From Willy the kid book 2.



              This shows Leo Baxendale holding the Monster Fun comic of mine talking about Badtime Bedtime Stories. I wish I'd put a piece of paper inside please Leo sign it. :)

              How on earth drew these detailed pages and with good perspective..balance..and just like Giles there is always an extra detail you miss the first time.

              Hope a Poster book or a Big book on Leo Baxendale will come out. Rebellion own the 70's comics so they've got Sweeny Toddler..The champ..Clever Dick for a future book idea...or Badtime Bedtime stories would be perfect!

              Thanks Leo for your amazing inspirational comic work. God bless the family and this time.
              May future generations discover Leo's work...even world-wide!

              A giant in UK comics.


              from Joe Gordon:

              from John Freeman:

              from Nigel Parkinson: