Sunday 27 September 2009

George Martin's Topper Comic work..

Mid 1960's Topper..

George didn't draw Desert Island Dick..TOM BANNISTER drew Dick..
['KINGUSSIE' is a small area in Scotland] info from Spy..

Thanks to Spy again for Scans from Dennis the Menace forum,,
George is great at the long stories.....Send for Kelly is famous for this..another post on this shortly..

Bill Hill's Beezer comic work..

all from the Beezer late 60's..early 70's

When characters had funny accents..

I like the laughter at the end and the lady with the flowerpot hat..

Some great expressions on the animals faces..and great surprise ending..
of course to me Bill's best work is Sparky's L Cars..I'll show on another post..

Thanks to Spy for the scans..taken from the Dennis the Menace forum..

Tuesday 22 September 2009

George Martin at his Wackiest!

love the picture of Mother!!

Sparky comic 1976/77 near the end of its run.
Readers could even send in there ideas for Nirdles.....

Just loved the imagination of it....I suppose it came back in a kind of way in Nutty as Doddlebug by Gordon Bell.
I would love to see it back in the Beano..:)

Monday 21 September 2009

My new animal drawings..


I've been inspired by Tony Hart on youtube..Hart Beat episodes to have a go at some drawing. It was good to do and I can sell these drawings at the various craft/flea markets that I'll be doing.

On Saturday 3rd October 2009 I'm doing the Maltings Flea Market. I'll be upstairs in the South Wing. Selling my cartoon book, Christmas/Birrthday cards, old comics and annuals and these and other drawings. See you there..

Friday 11 September 2009

George Martin's More Comic work..

The Topper 1966 16th April.

both from Topper 1968.

Before Nick Kelly in Topper a lookalike in Beezer Dec 19th 1959.

A kind of Nick Kelly strip in Buzz comic..

Buzz comic

Beezer 1962

Wednesday 9 September 2009

George Martin's Dandy's Comic work..

The best known of all the characters he drew in comics.

Before Jammy we had this teacher. Geogre sure drew a lot of teachers in his comic pages. 1960 27th Feb.

These kids are awful to the teacher...very black hunour. They were often trying to blow him up and the school...

27th Feb 1960. The first comic character he did for The Dandy. Unless someone knows better.
Kashgar does..
George did write a lot of his own scripts, particularly for his work that appeared in Topper and Dandy.
Off the top of my head a list of George's strips should certainly include the following


Wily Smiley the Jungle Joker (first Thomson strip)
Robinson and his dog Crusoe
Mr Mutt
Jammy Mr Sammy
Greedy Pigg
Claude Hopper
Desperate Dawg
Jolly Roger


Captain Bungle
Smart Art
Julius Cheeser
Send for Kelly
Ali Babble
Old Batty
Jiffy and the Glyphs


Dopey Dinah
The Hillys and the Billys
Young Sid the Copper's Kid


Top Tec
Calamity Kate


The Planet of the Nirdles


Ethel Red
Nip and Rrip
Jay R Hood


Comic Cuts

I'm sure that I've missed one or two but the above is a pretty fair representation of what he drew in his forty year career as a freelancer for Thomsons.
Thanks Kashgar from comicsuk forum

Ideal for George to draw he obviously loved drawing slapstick comic pages. Very clownish his work...e.g a pie in the face often happened.

A nice idea to choose your own characters...

3rd Novemeber 1984.
I rememeber this one has a kid. A very nice strip.

Could kids today relate to this was a much simpiler life back then..

A dog world...very unusual for DC Thomson.
More of George's work to come...

Tuesday 8 September 2009

George Martin's Later Comic work..

Heres Blinky in a another setting...ready for more misunderstandings..

Heres how Nick Kelly looked in the later with a younger assistant..Beezer and Topper comic 22nd Dec 1990. Bring back Cecil I'd say..also not enough space for a better story. Harry was not a hit with me..

10th August 1985.

George drew Colonal Blink in the later Beezers..this is from 1988.

A new Blinky for Beezer and Topper comic 8th August 1992. Older characters were out and younger characters in..which is a shame...

25th January 1986.
Though it was nice seeing older characters back in the comic and nicely drawn the strips weren't funny enough for me and felt it was a waste of space in the new Hoot comic.

Beezer 29th October 1988.
George is a great gag cartoonist..I like these jokes a lot..

Topper 12th Sept 1981.
George is great at the long stories over several weeks..the cliff has a film quality to it..