Friday 29 January 2010

Bill Ritchie's late Beezer and Topper comic work

Bill drew a character called Kong for Topper comic which was then called Topper '88 then next year Topper '89 up to 90.

Then Beezer and Topper joined together and Bill drew the above characters for the comic and special one off's..

Has mentioned on Lews blog post on Bill Ritchie his comic page was well constructed..
the In the News scan shows that at its best using many artistic rules in balance and making the eye look round the page. Note the zig zag of the pictures on the page...the echo of the black half circle shape...which is used throughout..
Also the use of inside and outside the cage on the Kong comic page..moving the readers eyes around..

Gnatasha is a puppy from when Gnasher had children..the most famous being Gnipper.

Love the snow on the roof tops great against the black snowy sky in the Merry Christmas page...also the way he draws a Christmas tree with the prickles..

It was nice seeing Baby Crockett in colour in the new Beezer and Topper comic he really was a good colourist and artist.

It was a shame Beezer and Topper came to an end it was a good wacky fun comic..sadly I never bought one at the time was the wrong age for it...would buy it today now i'm 35 and not a older teenager!!

Thursday 28 January 2010

Bill Ritchie's late 80's Baby Crockett with great fun page borders

Bill Ritchie 1931-2010

I love the elephant one leaning on the page..really shows the weight of it..also Bill is great at drawing caricatures of tv stars.

Love the gag in the black borders of the editors desk being a bed!:))

I will be doing some more posts on Bill Ritchie to show other characters I missed e.g Supporting Life in Plug Comic.

I've left my thoughts on Bill Ritchie who died on Monday at Lews blog and comicsuk forum..

Just to simply say thanks Bill for all the fun your work has given to me..
My prayers are with your family and friends who will miss you greatly..

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Sweeny Toddler Doll..does anyone still own one?:)

The different Toddlers are drawn by Mike Lacey.

Whoopee 23rd July 1977.

What a cool prize and fun quiz...does anyone still own would be fun to see a colour photo and hear your story..

If you havn't worked it out the different babies are...

A Lolly Pop
B Smiler
C Toy Boy
D Frankie Stein
E Scared stiff Sam
F Pa Bumpkin

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Film Fun Annual's Tony Hancock and Sid James by Reg Parlett 1961.

A great

Reg is great at drawing fog erm smoke from smoking!...also a lovely period piece...really shows the times..

Thanks to philcom55

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Monday 11 January 2010

A Annual title inside pages and back which really stands out!!

Beezer Book 1962.

Bill Ritchie using chalks in this fun way really stands out on the black...its great he used colour chalks rather than just white chalks...also I like the end pages of the annual referring to the first can still see the image a bit from being scrubbed out..

Post inspired by this topic on The Beano 2010 Annual..

Thursday 7 January 2010

Weetabix 80's adverts in Fleetway comics..OK!!

Its nice the Weetabix adverts. They were different each stories..spoofs of films..a bit of thought and care has gone into this..I also had Weetabix this morning..;)

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Tuesday 5 January 2010

The many fun adverts in just one issue of The Beano in 1990.

The lolly on the cover is an advert..:) yummy..

Who could forget this advert it..see it on will bring it back and the great music that went with it..

Now we have robot hamsters running in a winding tube as the best toy!

A wobbly drawn comic page advert..a kind of Bash Street kids -Danny and Toots look...though just a bit different so has not to get done..later these comic page adverts of products used actual comic artists like Gordon Bell and were much better..

What a change The Beano had in 1988 the 50th Birthday..when it went glossy with more colour and pages. All thanks to the introduction of adverts mostly. I don't mind adverts in comics if they are this fun and drawn..

Blog post inspired by Lew..