Sunday 31 May 2009

The Twitopians taking over our World!! from Buster.

8th Feb 1969. Buster and Giggle.

19th July 1969 Buster.

17th January 1970 Buster.

I like the originality of the strip...small invaders trying to take over our World.
Very Quirky. The strip was drawn by Stan McMurty and Gordon Hogg. Anyone want to guess who drew what out of these three?

Friday 29 May 2009

Solano Lopez Buster comic adventure work...

I love the art in this...the trees..the scared Cart horse..the different angles of the figures..and great action.
Both from 1966 Buster 17th November.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

CHAMPION!! the wonder horse...CHAMPION!! the wonder horse..

I can hear the tv theme tune of this..
this is from Buster 9th July 1966.
Artist is unknown!!!

Do love the story and drawing..

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Carlos Cruz's Roamin' James Space Pilot! and more..

a kid with a gun that can do amazing the dinosaur attack at the end..

Just love the zaniness of it..
Buster and Giggle 3rd May 1969.
It seems to start at this date rather than the date on the Buster website.

Money Fun comic no.2 April 1983.

A lovely old fashioned cover by Basil Reynolds.

Les Barton drew this puzzle page.

Another top work from Brian Walker. Also like the kids comments at the bottom.

Les Barton drew this...and has Lew Stringer has said at comicsuk forum it is more like the Swots and the Blots than the Bash Street kids.

There was only ever 2 issues of Money Fun. Also quite a gap between each issue.

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Money Fun comic no.1 September 1981.

The whole story is an advert.

Denis Gifford drew Koo KOo Korner for the early 1970's Whizzer and Chips.

This comic is all about saving money in a National Savings bank. Quite funny seeing all the propaganda. Also a lot of the pages seem to hark back to the early 1920's...30's..40's..50's in style and characters. Denis Grifford who designed and produced this who loves and collected old comics...look at the Kiss of Life by Brian Walker with the old Chips, Jester and Joker comic charactrs coming to life.

Anyone know anything more about any of the artists ... Graham Webb, Jim Baikie and Chas the comic artist? or more info about Money Fun the comic..
DG stands for Denis Gifford who wrote it.

Issue 2 next time ...with The Cash Street kids drawn by Les Barton with a credit to Leo Baxendale. post coming soon..

Sunday 10 May 2009

Ron Smith- Back from Zero Topper 1961

Another break from Ken Reid...its a big task..
Heres another Ron Smith classic..

Back to Zero 405-435 (1960)
Thanks to Kashgar for the infomation.

Gerald "Ron Smith- Back from Zero Topper 1961":

This reminds me of a 1968 Topper serial featuring a lost land where dinosaurs still live. It recounts the adventures of a father and son who go there and must brave tropical poisons, volcanoes and other hazards, as well as the dinosaurs, as they try to get back to civilisation. Another of Ron Smith's, perhaps?...

Saturday 2 May 2009

Oliver Passingham exhibition at Arundel

a breather from Ken Reid for a minute...

Peter Hansen

Went to an exhibition of his work in Arundel yesterday..very good and many different styles...also good humour...liked the dinosaurs making a snowman...some nice quirky stuff..

It reminded me of my Dads drawings and paintings which I don't see very often in other artists ...meaning the amount of styles he used and the stories in his art and paintings. Well worth a visit..

Phil has shown some more picture of his work here at comicsuk forum...thanks Phil

The work can be bought...wished I'd bought one now..not too pricey and prints are also for sale...

Oliver Passingham drew loads of stuff for the Thomson girl's papers, mostly Mandy and Judy. He didn't draw anything for the boy's papers though. thanks to Kashgar for more information on his work..