Friday 30 January 2009

Roy Wilson- He created the British comic art style!!

Thanks Phil. Film Fun's 'Quips' page in 1961.

An example from The comic art of Roy Wilson by Alan Clark the header with the octopus pulling many crackers! It is a very happy book. Roy drew the best happy faces.

Buster 1967 reprint from Film Fun. Just love the octopus..a character well known in the stories of Pitch and Toss from Funny Wonder.

The comic art of Roy Wilson by Alan Clark and David Ashford is well worth seeking out...just bought it myself!
We all love the cartoon comic animals of Pogo, Disney, Reg Parlett and Robert Nixon. Roy was there first!
From Bear Alley see more great covers by Roy..

Roy was great at filling the panels with onlooking animals enjoying the fun.
(Roy Wilson 1900-1965)

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Carlos Cruz's Crabbe Crusaders

from comicsuk forum
It was before my time reading the comic, but I'm very fond of the eccentric Crabbe's Crusaders: gadget-master Professor Crabbe on his uncharted island sending his team of four orphan boys out on adventures in the giant crab-like Crabbocraft. I discovered this strip as reprints in the 1977 Frankie Stein Annual. Lovely art by Carlos Cruz.
If I could have one strip complete and collected in book form though, it would probably be Crabbe's Crusaders. Raven

Tuesday 27 January 2009

UPDATE John Stokes Buster's Maxwell Hawke (30th October 1965 - 3rd September 1966)

Great use of shadows.. super silhouettes...a great character drawn by two top artists..

Peter, Your blog has cleared something up in my mind. I have seen on various blogs references to my drawing Maxwell Hawke in the sixties, and thought to myself " You poor old ferret, you're losing it! You don't remember a thing about that, do you?" And I now realize, after following the link on your blog, that I don't remember it because I didn't draw it! Those pages are not by me. They're too good, for one thing. in 1966 my stuff was much clunkier. Thanks for setting my mind at rest.
Now, back to that owl!
All the best,
John Stokes.

So who did draw it?

Eric Bradbury's Maxwell Hawke Buster 29th October 1960 - 23rd October 1965

thanks to Phil..Man I need to get some early 60's Busters...the adventure stories are just tops!!

Here is the story as requested at comicsuk forum.

Friday 23 January 2009

Joe Colquhoun Cor!! and Buster's work

Cor!! early 70's. Love the colour choices he uses.

Buster 1973. I love the idea of this strip. Very clever way to get new skills.

Buster 1975. Great movement in the strip.

Buster 1976. What an exciting strip!
Steve Oldman interviewed Joe. I only published it.

As for Joe's other work, information is within the interview itself. (He did not draw for Whizzer and Chips, but he did do Kid Chameleon in Cor!! Joe mainly worked for the adventure weeklies.)

Lew Stringer

This is from Cor!! 1970. This strip of course works really well in colour.
Joe also drew Roy of the Rovers from his first appearance.

Hi Peter,
From memory Joe Colquhoun began drawing for AP/Fleetway/IPC in the early 1950's.
His first strip was a self scripted effort set in WWII in Lion (title eludes me at the moment) in 1952/1953. I also seem to recall him doing the odd strip for the old story paper Champion towards the ends of it's life in 1955. His first great strip was however 'Roy of the Rovers' which in drew in Tiger from No1 in 1954.
Thanks Kashgar for the info.

Monday 19 January 2009

Reg Parlett's Great Buster comic work

Reprinted in Cor!! 9th Jan 1971 From Buster in the 60's. Note the advert for an exhibition on comics from Comic Cuts to Cor!! to have gone...anyone go to this?

Benny Hill comic page reprint from Radio Fun...1968 Buster. For all you American fans to see.:))

1966 Buster.

1978 Buster.

1968 Buster.
There's a Wikipedia page on Freddie Davies which seems accurate.

He was especially popular as a children's TV personality around 1974 when he'd guest on The Sooty Show and had his own BBC children's series 'The Small World of Samuel Tweet,' set in a pet shop.

I suppose he must have been popular with kids around 1968 when the Buster strip started, too, probably mainly appearing as a guest on variety shows back then.

It was nice to see him in the 1995 film Funny Bones.

thanks for pointing me in the right direction Raven.

Freddie 'Parrot-Face' Davies' appeal as an entertainer seems quite incomprehensible now. With his signature look of a oversize bowler hat squahed down over his ears and virtually hiding his eyes and his lisping verbal delivery I think he is one of those comedians that comes under the category of 'you had to be there'.
His strip in Buster was new by the way, not a reprint.
Benny Hill was indeed a reprint from Radio Fun.
Whacko, starring handle-bar moustachioed Jimmy Edwards, came to Buster via Radio Fun where it had been drawn by Bertie Brown, the last strip the great artist ever drew, and James Malcolm. James Malcolm continued to draw it in Buster until Reg Parlett reprints replaced him with strips that had originally appeared in the pages of TV Fun where Jimmy Edwards had starred in yet another, very similar, school based strip.

Thanks Kashgar.

Reprint from Eagle. 1968 Buster.

1966 Buster.

1966 Buster.

Two top Reg strips merge into a double act. Early 70's Buster.

Reprint from Film Fun seen in Buster 1972.
look under the name Reg Parlett to see all the comic work he did for Buster.

Sunday 18 January 2009

Frank McDiarmid's Buster comic work

Started in 1970's Buster.

1969 it started in Buster. love the last panel with loads and loads of plates..cups..done to a silly degree..

1968 it started in Buster.
Great use of blacks to show darkness....wonderful over the top movement of bodies on the characters..Frank is tops at showing different view points also breaking free from panels!! Panel two showing movement with a few lines same as panel 8...really gives the frantic feel...wonderful stuff.

Frank carried on from Ken Reid after his death in 1987. Not an easy task. Frank has taken over from Ken Reid a few times before has his style suits the strips well. Like Roger the Dodger Beano 70's and Big Head and Thick Head Dandy 60's which is very hard to tell the difference between the styles.

Came in Buster 1986.

Reprinted from the first Whizzer and chips...came to Buster from School Fun joining in 1984.

To find what Frank drew in Buster I use the Buster index from this website. Often use it..

Inspired to do a post on Frank from a guy who put in the comments that he can send me some more Cheeky covers for my blog...which is great news. I like Franks work a lot.