Thursday 24 January 2013

More Wanted posters sent by John M thanks John!!

Thanks John M
The three pictures of the grinning dog...the mad toaster and burned candle was used by someone to copy and make out it was there own was shown in Take Hart's gallery in the 70's..its on youtube to see..

Go to the Wanted posters now to see all of them..
The Wanted posters are now complete..
just type Wanted posters in the search box...or find the label on the main page..

Kazoop covers in great detail shiver and shake..and a new Creepy creation to see..

Kazoop is doing a very detailed review of Shiver and shake looking at every character...special..annual..year by year..adverts...original comic art...etc..

So an amazing blog!!

The latest post shows a Ken Reid Creepy Creation I've not seen...
(I'll be uploading more from John M soon of some more posters by Ken)

Kazoop has mentioned in another post has completed Cor!! comic very useful for people who want to collect it...or want to know more..

Go and see for yourself with the link above..

Sunday 20 January 2013

Thursday 17 January 2013

More World-wide weirdies thanks to John M...1975 now complete!!

Brian Walker did a poster in place of World-wide Weirdies this week..

Robert Nixon shows he is also great at comic horror!!

Ken is great at this...loads of gruesome faces!!!

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Bear Alley book presents- Lion comic History and index Well done Steve!!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:19 am 
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I've got my book today...

Very interesting reading the first bit how Lion was like a Eagle comic type at the beginning..
liked how well school friend did which is almost forgotten which performed at the same level as Eagle in selling..

Eagle being American icon...Lion being a British icon..also how Archie (which I'm enjoying more these days) was just a short lived strip called Jungle Robot and it was only 5 years later it came back!

I like seeing all the humour reprints in one section...useful for finding when Lion Lot started with Reg and Leo Baxendale..

A very nice book...loads to read and reread for reference...

i hope Bear alley books will run and run...Valiant in the future is on my wish list index

Buy Animal Cards for £2 
Also A4 Mounted Print starting at £15 and A3 starting at £30 limited to 50..using Pay Pal.

Peter Gray's comics blog

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 Post subject: Re: Bear Alley books -Lion
PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:45 pm 
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Just got home to find mine waiting too. Steve really has done a wonderful job with this - I can't recommend it highly enough! Though I already have a copy of his original Lion Index (versions of which are probably still floating around on eBay) comparing the two is a bit like setting a Rolls Royce alongside a Morris Minor.

To whet peoples' appetites here's a marvelous still from 'The Avengers' that appears in the introduction where Diana Rigg is shown reading the first 40 page issue of Lion:


- Phil Rushton

10 percent discount is on at the moment so grab a copy this week...well worth it!!

Tuesday 15 January 2013

More Whoopee!! World-wide Weirdies by Ken Reid thanks to John Momson

all added to the label 1974 and 1975 World-wide Weirdies...
The Creepy cloud is eeeeek! and I like the crazy cactus..;0)

Friday 11 January 2013

Terry Bave's new book and blog!!


You may be interested in know that Terry Bave, who was at the heart of English cartooning and had a long, successful career as an artist working on children's comics, such as Whizzer and Chips, Cor!!, Buster, Whoopee, Dandy and Beano, has just published a book!
From the heyday of the sixties and seventies, Terry saw the rise, and eventual decline, of creative cartooning for children's comics. His story is not just a tale of one artist, working in creative partnership with his wife Shiela, but the story of comics themselves.

The book can be purchased from   Thanks the Son of Terry- Russell for the heads up..   I love Terry's work and very inspirational, great characters and funny.  

Wednesday 9 January 2013

75 Years of The Dandy -Ken Reid's Big Head and Thick Head- thanks to Phil Rushton for the scans and his thoughts..UPDATE pictures now on blog..

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:01 am 
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'Big Head and Thick Head' was one of Ken's last creations for DC Thomson before he defected to the greener (and better paying) pastures of Odhams' newly-launched Wham! in the Summer of 1964. Surprisingly this means that Frank MacDiarmid went on to draw twice as many episodes of the strip which continued under his hands until June 1967. Here are a couple of Ken's pages from 1963 and 1964, followed by an example of the MacDiarmid version from 1966 (it's interesting to see that, while the latter was able to ghost Reid's central characters almost to perfection, his conceptions of adult figures like the sewer inspector and the burglar are quite recognizably his own).




Like so many of Ken's characters Big Head and Thick Head were both pathetic losers whose misconceived exploits regularly ended with them being beaten up by outraged bystanders (like the rugby team shown above). While the comic violence they suffered could be just as extreme as anything endured by the equally accident prone Bing-Bang Benny or Jonah, however, this series was unusual in that the two lead characters shared a genuine friendship that gave the strip a surprising sense of humanity (in this it was very different indeed from the later 'Banger and Masher'). Although they constantly argued and bickered like an old married couple there was always a sense in which they stood full-square together against a hostile world. In fact I'd go so far as to say that their chemistry was closer to the classic 'odd couple' partnership exemplified by Laurel and Hardy than anything else in the long histories of Dandy and Beano.

Although Ken was long gone from DC Thomson by Christmas 1964 there was one final treat to be found by his fans in the 1965 Dandy Annual which featured no fewer than eight 'Big Head and Thick Head' strips that he must have completed earlier in the year. In my opinion these contained some of the best work he ever produced for his old employers - to the extent that the pages shown below serve as a fitting postscript to the first half of his comic career; besides which, it's nice to take our leave of the two mismatched pals as they enjoy one of their rare happy endings...! :D






Though others may disagree about the point at which Ken Reid became the 'Ken' whose pre-eminent genius outstripped the achievements of all his rivals, I personally have no doubt that it was in that halcyon Summer of 1964 when he finally slipped the traces of his autocratic masters in Dundee and began work on the sublime Frankie Stein!

But of course, that's a story for another day...! :)

- Phil Rushton

Thank you Phil..

My scanner is on the blink so will be using peoples scans for the blog for now...