Friday 25 July 2008

Ron Smith-The Heroes of Paradise Road.-Beezer 1961

Very striking it is too...interesting page layout

From comicsuk forum..with more info on Ron..

Bill Ritchie- working in Girl comics...Toots in Bunty

Thanks steelclaw for the image

Thanks philcom55 for the image.

Hi Peter, Toots by Bill Ritchie was a comic strip which ran for over thirty years in Bunty and featured the week by week adventures of a little girl in a polka-dot dress with a ribbon in her hair. Think of a junior, female version of Ginger in the Beezer and you wouldn't be far off the mark. thanks Kashgar

Its great finding out other comic work they did I didn't know about.

from comicsuk forum

Bill Ritchie- Bimbo and Little Star comic

Pip the Penguin is drawn by Bill.
Bill also drew a junior version of Baby Crockett...this had fewer pictures and less words then the Beezer version.

Bimbo had a name change as the word became too silly...Little Star was the new name.

from comicsuk forum...

Thursday 24 July 2008

Bill Ritchie- working in Girl comics...Tracy 1980's

Thsnks stevezodiac for showing these at comicsuk forum.

Bill also worked in Mandy comic drawing Mandy! I'll try and find the example for this at comicsuk forum.

Bill Ritchie- Is great at the fun cartoon poster crowd!

These are just so great...Classics from the comics must show these!Thanks Spy for these great images.

Just a wonderful Christmas cover....nice use of shapes balancing the picture...going inside and outside of the could stare at this for ages...
Its difficult to not be cluttered or run out of gags...But these show Bill had no problem. I love the cartoon crowd scene...

Other crowd scenes Bill drew-
Kashgar ... he did in the New Hotspur titled 'The Cat Street Kids'.
Other strips he did in this format were The Moonsters and Spadger and his Pals in Sparky and Rover & Wizard respectively.

Just to clarify. 'The Cat Street Kids' first appeared in New Hotspur No 37 (2/7/60) and the episode in which Bill Ritchie drew himself in his studio, surrounded by the kids, was published in issue No 88 (24/6/61).

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Roger Hargreaves- Little Miss Sunshine early version

From this book has the working of an early version of Little Miss Sunshine- Mr Happy's day out. This is 1975 the story. Little Misses books came out in 1981.

You can tell the drawings are not by Roger has the dog is very basic and comes from a drawing game...i.e a stickman is chased by bees...jumps into a pond(makng the nose and whiskers) then the stickman has two eggs and two sausages (the eyes and ears of the dog)
So the artist draws very simply.

Quite a 1970's baker man...very hippyish:)

In this story Mr Happy goes to different people to solve there problems making them happy.
Get your Little Miss Sunshine book out and compare the two.
Little Miss Sunshine meets the King rather than the Mayor is one difference.
The names of the places are Glumland which changes to Smile-ville in the gift book.
Little Miss Sunshine 1981 version is in miseryland and it changes to Laughterland.
Also the sign with the list of things people had to do is used in each story.

Its nice seeing the development of a story over many years.

Cartoon time

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Roger Hargreaves- on ebay! Sorry most of the pictures have disappeared!


Heres a nice find on ebay earlier..
ORIGINAL Mr Men & Little Miss title sequence animation cells from 1981.

The artwork features 3 original animation cells combined into one picture, each cell is 12 ½ x 16 & is copyrighted to Roger Hargreaves & Mister films limited 1991.

The cells were bought from Stockport Art Gallery after an exhibition of animation cells.

The cells have a blue mount, that can be seen in the photo & measures 15 ½ x 19”.

amazing what is on ebay!!!!!!!

You can tell that Rogers favourite Mr Men was Mr Silly on this bagatelle, annual and night light.

the early Mr Men generally had no eyebrows thats how you can tell if its old...

awww! nice and charming fabric. Great for a cusion cover.

Don't mind this educational toy.

Simple shape Jigsaw drawn by Roger...though Mr Muddle got sunburned..then his usual green..also Mr Silly has lost his shoe pattern...

don't have this one..

Little Miss Stella is part of the Little Miss series of books. She is based on a real person: Stella McCartney, a fashion designer and daughter of rock star, Paul McCartney. Produced in a limited edition of 1000 books as fashion show invitations. Can Little Miss Stella help Little Miss Nobody be somebody?

This is one of a very few books printed worldwide, created with a fashion show invite on the back cover. This can complete the little Miss series that compliment the Mr Men books written by Roger Hargreaves. This book cannot be bought via retail as it was especially made and is one of the 1000 made that had to be received by personal invitation to attend the fashion show held in france in 2006.
Never seen this before!! drawn by Adam the Son of Roger...the front cover of the book doesn't say by Roger Hargreaves as normal...

Little Miss Chatterbox and the Burst Strawberry book. This is a rare and hard to find promotional issue book which was produced as part of a promotion for l'Oreal kids shampoo. It is a 12 page story.

Wow! Mr Magic! from the 1980's.

Very Nonsense scene :)..again a jigsaw Ive not seen before..
Puzzle Board from 1983.

Great funny Mr Skinny on the bench...Roger sure kept his work fun!

I remember this was used on wallpaper as well in the 70's..

I love ebay!!:)

Monday 21 July 2008

Reg Parlett- Bewitched Belinda

The fathers absence is explained..
Started in Whizzer and Chips 17th Nov 1979.
A lovely fun strip.
Its nice how she rhymes the spell she says. Also the twitching of the nose...winks..tweaking ear while saying it. The stip is of course based on the American tv sitcom Bewitched.

Its nice how the next episodes follow on...

Every character is different...clear..interesting and fun. The backgrounds are siimple But effective. Every panel is different and arranged. Has someone has said at comicsuk the picture is not static ever.

Friday 18 July 2008

Ken Hunters -comic Big Fat Boko

Big Fat Boko and his crafty crow.
From the 1958 Topper annual when it was sideways long..

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Ken Hunters -comic Big Chief Running Chump

The back of annaul.

Big Chief Running Chump of the Flatfoot tribe.
Ken draws a great bear...what a face!
Topper 1961 annual.