Sunday 28 November 2010

Eric Roberts at the AP..

Some months ago I prepared this little stripography of Eric Roberts work for the Amalgamated Press but never got a chance to post it. So here it is now in all its
succinct glory!

Mike 318(31/3/45)-793(8/5/54) initially not every week rpts 3/6/61-17/6/61,
1/7/61-19/8/61, 2/9/61.
Mike and Dimps 794(15/5/54)-945(6/4/57)
Sinbad Simms (Shark Boy of the South Seas) 946(13/4/57)-1011(12/7/58)
Billy Bunter 1013(26/7/58)-(21/11/59)
Billy Bunter's Six of the Best 1038(17/1/59)-(30/7/60) joke page with a 'Billy Bunter's
Tuck Box' as a prize comprising sweets from confectioner Fry i.e Chocolate Cream,
Crunchie, Punch and Turkish Delight.
Only missing a single week in fourteen years (No1012) Eric Roberts holds the record as the artist with the longest continuous tenure in the pages of the comic.

Mike 445(17/8/57)-492(7/7/58) the strip was then taken over by the artist 'Kim'.

Film Fun
Niblo Nibbs (He's so funny he ought to be in pictures) 23/1/60-9/7/60

Big One
Smiler (R-Mike) 17/10/64-20/2/65
Sinbad Simms (R) 17/10/64-20/2/65

Smiler (R-Mike) 27/2/65-3/8/68
Sinbad Simms (R) 27/2/65-23/10/65
Smiler and Dimps (R) 20/9/69-16/9/72

Nippy Nibbs (R-Niblo Nibbs) 28/8/71-11/3/72

Thanks to Kashgar for the info..

1947 Mike
1948 Mike/Pin-Up Jokes
1949 Mike
1950 A Day with the Dobsons (Mike)
1951 Mike
1952 Mike
1953 Mike (Also cover of annual. The only one I can think he ever did)
1954 Mike
1955 Mike
1956 Mike
1957 Mike
1958 Mike/Our Ernie
1959 Mike/Sinbad Simms
1960 Mike
1961 Mike

1966 Smiler (R-Mike)
1967 Smiler (R-Mike) Sinbad Simm (R)
1968 Smiler (R-Mike)
1969 Smiler (R-Mike)
1970 Smiler and Dimps (R-Mike and Dimps)
1971 Smiler and Dimps (R-Mike and Dimps)
1972 Smiler (R-Mike)
1973 Smiler (R-Mike)
1974 Smiler (R-Mike)

Buster Holiday Fun Special
1969-1972 Smiler and Dimps all (R-Mike and Dimps)

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Also I've got two craft fairs this week also did one yesterday and also Kim's bookshop needs more cards for Tuesday so I'm very busy at this time of year..
I will upload later...

Thursday 18 November 2010

George Martin's Janie B Quick from Judy comic number 1

This is before the Beano's Billy Whizz which appeared on the 16th May 1964.
Mind you Billy is a lot faster than this girl who is only quick..

Thanks to stevezodiac

Jan 16th 1960 Judy
Thanks to Phoenix

and Kashgar for the info that its drawn by George Martin all from comicsuk forum..

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Weird Wolf by Frank Mc Diarmid Frankiestein Whoopee book 1977

A one off in Frankiesteins book..nice different types of shading and thickness of line..and great expressions on the Wolf..

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Snowy Owl retouched..the last 1 hour and half

I showed it to various people and one lady who works in art suggested the sky looked a bit flat and in two halves..also she said it needed some yellow in the sunset and dark I normally take advice very seriously and decided she was I've done her suggestions it works..
So this picture is finally finished..;)

This original art of a tiger is for my Step Daughter for Christmas..I'm really pleased how friendly I've made the know when a picture goes well..
Also will later make these two into cards and A4 and A3 limited prints..

Sunday 7 November 2010

Catch the Cat Bunty Annual 1979...what is the difference to Billy the cat.

Loved reading this..after doing the Princess Tina post I'd thought I'd have another look at girl comics..I only have a few annuals and havn't really read them..But this stood out..

The drawing is done in a great style..I think its the all black cat costume which makes the strip good and that most of the adventures are at misty dark night time..
Also this character can get hurt and you can feel the struggle she goes through unlike the springy Beano's Billy the cat..also the danger is high being set in World War 2..the biggest difference to Billy is she is not very popular with her friends as she seems to have German friends and be on the enemy side..WHAT A COVER!
While Billy is the weak and clumsy in his alter ego..
Will look at some more girl comic/annual characters..

Please can someone help with the artist...?

I could be wrong but the faces look like the work of Robert MacGillivray.

- Phil Rushton

Brian Walker's Guy Fawkes Mask from Whoopee and Wow

Brian is great at this type of drawing he also did a good centre pages of Buckingham Palace..