Friday 21 May 2010

Buster's Big Birthday 50 years young Mastermind and Dentist Who

Buster 7th Feb 1981.

Mastermind by Jack is so creative and lots of injokes for all ages to enjoy..really worth rereading again..
In the last panel the Warthog is in the crator..and the box and handle came out of the crashed Police Box in the first panel..
I like lots of hidden details in strips..It is amazing Jack drew this actual size with very fine pens..

Thursday 20 May 2010

Monday 17 May 2010

Boris and Shimmy in Dinkle Land from Buster number 1 and 2

The artist is unknown But he must of been inspired by The Goon Show from 50's radio.
Ken Dodd had his Diddlemen is this an early version?
A very strange quirky short lived strip..
like the way they are grown from trees..
In a later strip they have a boxing match they don't hit each other But say insulting words at each other which has the effect of being hit and even knocking them out!! names do hurt you in this strip..

Friday 14 May 2010

From Buster comic number 1.. Phantom Force 5

28th May 1960 Buster number 1.

23rd July 1960.
Lovely night time penwork and quite gripping stories..It shows Buster had good adventure stories right from the beginning..

Thunderthugs B.I.F Bovver Is Fab!!

Buster 14th December 1991.
A special two pager of Tom Thug to advertise a new comic Thunderbirds. This is the era when Blue Peter made Tracy Island the most successful make ever on the program..a whole new generation of kids discovered Thunderbirds for the first time being shown on BBC 2.

I like the outhouse gag and the smokey chimney at Thug Island!

Also I like the colouring of the strip.
Owning a original of Tom thug I can see the real control Lew has with a pen.
Glad this character carried on in Buster when Oink folded..

Thursday 13 May 2010

Mummy's Boy more revealing details..

This strip is certainly a strange one a physiatrist could have a field day with this specially with this info above!!
From Buster book 1986.
More Buster characters to come..

Wednesday 12 May 2010

From Buster book 1962 Reg Parlett's Odd Job Bob

Its always nice finding a new Reg Parlett comic character.
Hugh McNiell also drew this strip hence why Reg's work looks a bit different..

Lots of misunderstandings by this character and shows the richness of our language..
The Two Ronnies have shown this..

Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Terrors of Tornado Street Buster 1960-62

from Buster Book 1962. I like busy poster pages..

The strip often ended with the upset adult saying- It's safer to let them play!
As mentioned on the link Lew used The Terrors of Tornado Street in a Tom Thug strip in the 90's in one of the Buster Birthday to see that...can anyone help with that? Maybe Lew you could show it on your blog?

Monday 10 May 2010

Bam, Splat and Blooie from first year of Buster

The strip later was reprinted in Cheeky comic as a cartoon watched on the big screen by Cheeky and his chums before the main feature the adventure comic strip Space Family Robinson.
The strip is drawn by an unknown artist and it didn't last long in Buster. As a guess maybe an european artist has there is no dialogue in the strip a bit like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.
See this website for Buster Birthday treats..

Sunday 9 May 2010

Buster's Big Birthday 50 years young this Month

As you can see Buster's Dad was Andy Capp and his mother was Flo though this changed after the first year..probably as a guess due to the artist request who drew Andy Capp..
so Buster and Buster's Mum never talked about the father again in the strip or was made for a nice dynamics of just Mother and Son who were always struggling with money and Buster seem to be always getting to the last panel and a big feed was a nice payoff in the strip.
Buster's mother always had curlers in a bit like Cornation Street's Hilda Ogden.
The first few Buster covers were even coloured like a comic strip with the panels mostly black and white. Buster the character wasn't the character we knew in these days and seem to be a mini Andy Capp..lazy..trickster..getting in trouble on purpose. Also his Capp covered his eyes at first like the strip But it wasn't long before that changed which in a way changed his personality to more of a loveable character.

All Month I'll be doing more on Buster comic..50 years young..