Sunday, 9 May 2010

Buster's Big Birthday 50 years young this Month

As you can see Buster's Dad was Andy Capp and his mother was Flo though this changed after the first year..probably as a guess due to the artist request who drew Andy Capp..
so Buster and Buster's Mum never talked about the father again in the strip or was made for a nice dynamics of just Mother and Son who were always struggling with money and Buster seem to be always getting to the last panel and a big feed was a nice payoff in the strip.
Buster's mother always had curlers in a bit like Cornation Street's Hilda Ogden.
The first few Buster covers were even coloured like a comic strip with the panels mostly black and white. Buster the character wasn't the character we knew in these days and seem to be a mini Andy Capp..lazy..trickster..getting in trouble on purpose. Also his Capp covered his eyes at first like the strip But it wasn't long before that changed which in a way changed his personality to more of a loveable character.

All Month I'll be doing more on Buster comic..50 years young..

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Rafiq Raja said...

Awesome. Looking forward to unearth some great know-how stuffs about Buster, all this month. Go on Peter.