Wednesday 27 August 2008

Gordon Hogg and Cyril Price in Buster

Buster 10th October 1970.
Gordon Hogg Thanks Lew Stringer for info.

Cyril Price (ghosting Stan McMurty) 1966-1968 Buster

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Bill Lacey adventre comic work in Buddy.and Valiant

Buddy number 39 7th Nov 1981.
Bill Father of Mike Lacey (Bumpkin Billionaires)
It runs in the family:)
Bill seems to have drawn only adventure stories...Mike only drew humour strips.
From 1966 to 1970, he drew 'Mytek the Mighty' in Valiant.

image from

philcom55 has put up some more facts and another example of 'Mytek the Mighty' by Bill Lacey at comicsuk forum.

Graham Allens comic work.

Lion 1966 1st Jan

GA's style is very distinctive, - look at the inkline and the tiny feet, - not to mention the sfx lettering. That 1968 Smash annual cover is definitely his work, without a shadow of a doubt.

Graham Allen also did the covers for:

Wham! Annual 1967, 1968, 1969

Smash! Annual 1967

Pow! Annual 1968

Lew Stringer
thanks Lew for the infomation.

Wham! annual 1968

Cor!! 1973-74 then continuing in Buster and Cor!! Graham fills the page really well with creepy the details.

Other strips he drew..
To name but a few...

Kicks in Pow!
Please Sir! in Look-In
Some Typhoon Tracy for Tiger and Jag
Micky's Moonbugs for TV21
King Kat for the Daily Star

I think he also drew Lord Rumsey's Rovers for Score 'n' Roar, but I don't have an issue to hand to check at present.

Graham Allen was also the regular artist on The Nervs and Tuffy McGrew

Thanks Lew

He also drew
Super Dad Whizzer and Chips 70's

Spy School
Clever Dick and Dozy Mick Whoopee!! 1974-75

Monday 25 August 2008

Mike Lacey in Smash!

From Smash! 1968 annual.
Image from philcom55 thanks:)

Mike probably drew others in the 60's. Please let me know.
Mike drew some of the Swots and the Blots. Which is shown in another post. Use the tabs at the bottom of post.

Friday 22 August 2008

Mr and Little Miss original art from the comics

from Jack and Jill comic early 80's..could be drawn by Roger Hargreaves..looks like it too me.

a parachute if Mr Small falls..
its original art for Playhour late 70's..not drawn by Roger Hargreaves still nice childhood memories for me.

Comics for young kids could learn a lot from these two. Great drawings...a nice puzzle and good story which works even before words are added.

Thursday 21 August 2008

Leo Baxendale- Match of the week Shiver and Shake.

Shiver and Shake early 70's. The first few UPDATE were written by Leo Baxendale.

Thanks to Raven from comicsuk forum and Andy B.

AndyB wrote:
I really don't think that's right re Wiz Wars and the Mad Match. I could be wrong, but the lines in the Mad Match are too much like Mike Browns work.

Andy, you may well be right - and if so, I apologise, Peter, for you changing your blog. Thing is, I'd recalled L.B. himself, in his autobiography, mentioning 'Cops vs. Robbers' as an idea editor Bob Paynter came up with when commissioning him to draw an initial Match of the Week strip in 1972 for a comic which never materialised. Later, the strip was put into Shiver & Shake, of course.

Just checking the book, Leo does indeed mention 'Cops vs. Robbers' but it's ambiguous exactly what the topic was of that very first strip he did. The only one he clearly cites as his was the other strip he drew for the series featuring ghosts.

I haven't had an issue one to hand for many years, but Fleetway St. says that the Shiver & Shake issue one strip was Cowboys vs. Indians drawn by Mike Lacey and Cops v. Robbers in issue two was by Mike Brown.

So, surprisingly, the two strips by Leo were apparently held back - but what was the subject of the first Match strip drawn by LB?

Update 2!!!
The first 'Match of the Week' was 'Cowboys v Injuns' and was drawn by Mike Lacey. The second issue of Shiver and Shake (17/3/73) contained 'Cops v Robbers' by Baxendale and Leo's only other strip in the series was 'Ghosts v Humans' in issue dated 7th April. The 'Match of the Week' feature ran until 2nd Mar 1974 with the last. Refs XI v Spectators, also being the work of Mike Lacey who was , by far the most prolific artist used on the series.
from Kashgar

It just shows it is hard to tell the difference between these comic artists who draw very like Leo Baxendale.

Mostly drawn by Mike Lacey.

Mike Browns comic work

from Pow! and Wham! number 85 31st August 1968.
thanks to stevezodiac for the info..
The Wiz War strip above was almost certainly Mike Brown, he signed a lot of them. He also drew The Group in Pow!
I'll get an example of The Group up here soon.

From Sandie.

Repeated in Funny Fortnightly.

Krazy annual 1978.

Krazy annual 1978.

Krazy annual 1978. A few strips appeared of this fun black humour character.

A fun comic cartoonist in his own right.
Not just a Leo Baxendale ghost artist.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Original comic art- Ken Reid and Robert Nixon

such a crisp black line.
Faceache original artwork (1971) by Ken Reid for Buster Xmas issue 1971
The Chef's apprentice at The Ritz overcooks the Xmas pud to prune size and persuades Faceache to impersonate a proper one until he can dash down to the supermarket for a ready-made replacement. Of course the chef returns early and covers him with sizzling brandy sauce and a well-placed jab of plastic holly - Chef runs for it as: 'Ze 'otel - she eez 'aunted' and the boys get Christmas dinner early …
Indian ink on cartridge paper. 22 x 16 ins

From compalcomics-
World Wide Weirdies original artwork (1975) by Ken Reid for Whoopee! May 24 1975
'The Shock Rock Of Gibraltar'
Indian ink on cartridge paper. 12 x 11 ins

Robert Nixons Monster Fun holiday special cover..Kid Kong Just lovely the paint work. A very skilled steady hand.

how it was published..

Shiver and Shake annual cover by Robert Nixon..lovely the details in the tree.

How it was published...sure crops a lot off when you compare. Also darker colours.

You can buy original comic art at-

to see more of Robert Nixons comic work go to my website-

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Leo Baxendale- Stan McMurty who drew what? part 4

Leo Baxendale

Smash! number 10 9th April 1966.
Stan McMurty (Mac from Daily Mail)

The difference is the face...more rounder, shorter and younger looking for Grimly from Stan.
Stan also drew in Buster- Percy's Pets, Son of Sherlock and
The Twitopians.

Leo Baxendale-Cyril Price, Brian Lewis who drew what? part 3

from Pow! and Wham! number 85. 31st August 1968.
Cyril Price.

I think Cyril Price drew a lot of the later Georges Germs strips - although I agree that the strip shown here does look to me like Brian Lewis' work ( who also drew the strip when it was in WHAM - before it merged with Pow along with Terry Villiers ?) - I'm not sure if Mike Brown was involved in Georges Germs at all (he certainly did work on The Man from Bungle, the Dolls of St Domonics and the Tiddlers etc) . I agree, Leos work in Odhams wasn't artistically his best (with the exceptions of Eagle Eye and perhaps the early Man From BUNGLE strips) but he was involved in (and/or) created some great characters like Grimly Feendish, Swots (which was better once it mover to IPCs version of Smash and others under Leo) Bad Penny and the NERVS (which Ken Reid took over and made comic strip legends IMHO). Some of his other strips were for me really poor like The Humbugs , Footsie the Clown, Biff etc (although some of the early Biffs were nicely drawn). Mike Brown was a great artist / cartoonist in hios own right I dont think he gets the attention he deserved. Thanks to Moose for so much information.


signed by Leo Baxendale from Wham! number 2.

The Georgie's Germs is possibly by Brian Lewis. Thanks to Raven for info.

all quotes from comicsuk forum

Putting them all together although they look similar there is a difference. What a shame that not all the comic arists working on Wham! were allowed to sign or chose not to. Leo often started a comic strip in the 60's But not soon after another artist drawing like him took over. He couldn't draw everything at the same time.