Monday 30 August 2010

David Mostyn comic work for The Dandy over the years..

22nd March 1980 number 2000 Dandy

1st January 1983

As a kid of the 80's I loved Bertie and Micky they were funny and full of energy which made them exciting to look at..

5th Dec 1987 50th Birthday of The Dandy
David was great at drawing horror...his style really suited it..

21st October 1995

21st Sept 1996

David did draw one more character for The Dandy which I can't find..that was a Cow and Chicken strip..which didn't last long..

Friday 27 August 2010

K.B.R (Kid Band Radio) from Wow comic by David Mostyn

The first KBR was in Wow number 1.
Later on in Wow there was a letter page where readers can send in there own KBR messages..

Mobiles and texting were not around for kids in CB's were the craze..
I suppose we have text language today...not has strange as the CB language..
CB's have been around a long time...Hancock's Half Hour had the Radio Ham classic in the 50's...the difference here is that the CB's were portable.

KBR lasted through out Wow's comic one year run and briefly lasted in Whoopee and Wow in the merger..

Heres Ed McHenry and David Mostyn working together again for the puzzle page in the first few issues of Wow! comic.
I like the idea of a time limit to do the puzzle..a new fun element..

Heres Ed McHenry Wow comic work he did later on in Wow's comic run...inspired by The Two Ronnies opening and closing -Here is the News spot on there show.

Thursday 26 August 2010

Some more great covers by David Mostyn!

I rememeber getting Mum read it with me..the free gift was good fun..I had the bald headed man..

David only drew the first few Wow! covers before Mike Lacey drew them with Shipwreck back to School Fun wrap around covers..

I thought you would like to see more cover wrap arounds..
Its packed with jokes and its also drawn in a 3D type way with real depth..

Wednesday 25 August 2010

David Mostyn poster work is in this weeks Beano

A reprint poster..
Heres an example of it..see the whole poster in this weeks issue. Out now..
Beano no. 3549
August 28th 2010

Its funny this has turned up when I've done a few posts on David..what a coincidence!!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

School Fun with David Mostyn! Its out of this world..

David drew some great wrap around covers..with a bit of St Trinians feel..
Real shame School fun only lasted 33 issues..before joining Buster..

Heres how it started in School Fun comic number 1 15th October 1983.
I like the amazing powers he has!! Like the disintegrater coming out of his finger!!
Its also nice that his story is a on going story with the last panel saying what will happen next week...

The bikes lifting into the air does remind me of a film about an alien...;)

Can anyone tell me how E.T.T ended? thanks..

Monday 23 August 2010

Whoopee's letter and joke page 1983 decorated by David Mostyn

Love the mad-cap cinema scene by David.
The jokes are drawn by a different artist Ed McHenry. Ed also drew Here is the news in Wow comic as well.
Its nice seeing contrasting styles on the same page.

David also filled in the gaps around the letter page..
much more interesting then a load of typed letters on a page.
Of course J.Edward Oliver drew the clever Calcalator Corner bit.
Remember to turn the calcalator upside down..

the answer was shoe..:)

Sunday 22 August 2010

Whoopee!! its David Mostyn comic work

Smiler is of course by Nick Baker..But this shows the cutout booklet drawn by David.

David's work was great for joke books and he has done many books..
Heres a poem book he Steve Turner
David has illustated many children's books..see this long list at amazon..

He also decorated the joke and letter page of Whoopee which I'll show in another post.

1st May 1982. This is a brand new take on the artist in the Little Ed is trying to control the artist..well trying..

Whoopee Holiday Special 1983.

As you can see not only does he do great emotion in his strip he is a great cross hatching texture pen artist which is great for a thunder storm for example..

Thursday 19 August 2010

Snack-man v's Snackula!

The owl even says the name of the other comic...Hoot! ;)

Whoopee 17th Dec 1983 IPC Magazines
Snack-man as a Vampire!! or Snackula!

Hoot 25th Jan 1986 DC Thomson

Both drawn by David Mostyn for different publishers..
David has a great busy style..loads of action which I love..check out the last panel with the axe!!

Saturday 14 August 2010

UPDATE More Bill Ritchie comic work and even a Scotty dog sculpture to enjoy..

.....I like Bill's comic strips..the sausage gag is great even without words..

It sounds as though Bill must have had a soft spot for dogs as, along with the long-running adventures of Bunty's black Scotty Dog 'Haggis', he also drew a strip called 'Top Dogs' for the story paper Wizard during the early 1960s in which a different cartoon dog appeared every week: Thanks to philcom55

My mate Steve sometimes has to buy bulk lots of comics off ebay just to get a few issues he doesn't have, lucky for me I get the doubles. He gave me a bundle of Hotspurs, Wizards and Nikkis last Saturday. In the Hotspur no. 618 dated 21/8/71 there was this reprinted Bill Ritchie. The other reprints of this strip were by a different artist. This looks like late 50s Ritchie, anyone know when it first appeared? Thanks to stevezodiac for the imkage

That Uncle Windbag strip would indeed be from the 50s, in The Beano. The third series was done by Ritchie and appeared from issue 744 (20/10/56) to 763 (2/3/57).

The reprints you say are by a different artist are probably from the second series, drawn by Charles Grigg, from issue 579 (22/8/53) to 596 (19/12/53).

The first series was back in 1938, in the first 20 issues, drawn by Charles Holt. Thanks for the answer Digifiend

Thanks MMi for the photo of the Scotty dog..
My father-in-law was very good friends with Bill and my wife considered him, very much, as an uncle. When she came back from the funeral it reminded her of a bit of sculpture he did for her when she was a child. Now proudly sat pride-of-place in our living room.

As you're all a fan of his talents, I could take a photo of it.. MMi

Its great seeing new Bill Ritchie work and even a sculpture done in his comic style.

All from the comicsuk forum post..

Monday 9 August 2010

Very funny details fill David Sutherland's early Bash Street kids pages

The Bash Street kids annual 1984.
As a good guess this was from the 1970's Beano

Love the amount of stuff Teacher needs for a potted plant!!

This is the gag that made me laugh out loud! Love the shoe boxes and the helpful horse upside down!

Also love the tadpole in the vinegar.

Other details there is a Roman guard looking out of the Bash Castle window..
Also like the speech balloon coming out of the hole in the handle of the pot..
love Fatty's eyes going up and down after being hit out of the pot..
The swimming sharks in the moat..
The fried egg looks real
The strange rubbish in the kitchen
The Plugish gargoyles

Leo Baxendale isn't the only artist to add lots of fun details..

Friday 6 August 2010

Mike Lacey's Sam Spider from Tv Comic Holiday Special 1979

Found another new Mike Lacey...he also drew Super Pooch in the same issue see an earlier post.
..not a very expressive spider looks like his teeth are stuck together!!

Also isn't it a bit weird having a how to make a snow globe in a holiday special!!!

Its a bit like The Beano and Dandy 2010 annuals coming out in the summer...

Thursday 5 August 2010

A new Tom Paterson to see..

From Cor!! Holiday Special 1976

Tom sure drew great spies..

Title is based on Dial M for Murder..Alfred Hitchcock

Hickory Dickory Doc to see at the Cheeky blog..this was one of the Cor-medy contestant...which I talked about in a earlier post..