Tuesday 29 April 2008

Buster comic covers May-June 1990

To see lots more Buster covers go to-

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Thursday 24 April 2008

Buster comic covers July-September 1987

love the posing of this..very good cover

4th July 1987
11th July 1987
18th July 1987
25th July 1987
1st August 1987

8th August 1987

15th August 1987
22nd August 1987
5th September 1987

12th September 1987

19th September 1987 Nipper joins Buster thanks comicsuk for the image
26th September 1987

Its just great to show these covers...next on my list is Reg Parletts Buster covers...so much to do so little time...
copyright belongs to IPC...

Monday 21 April 2008

Buster comic covers October-December 1988

Oink joins Buster! Tom Thug looks like a man here...maybe they should of got Lew to draw his character...anyway nice ghosts..

Tom Thug is by Lew Stringer But drawn here on the cover by Tom.

Weedy Willy is by Mike Green's But drawn here on the cover by Tom.

Bob Hill gets the cover for Chalky

love the colourful Christmas balloon cover.

Mark Bennington wrote the Buster strip at this time.....very funny snd breaking the fourth wall...talking to the reader...e.g Buster playing with the sound effects wording!
...lots of fun stuff like this.

1st October 1988

8th October 1988
15th October 1988
22nd October 1988
29th October 1988
5th November 1988
12th November 1988

19th November 1988

26th November 1988
3rd December 1988
10th December 1988

17th December 1988

24th December 1988

31st December 1988

Saturday 19 April 2008

Buster comic covers Jan-March 1988 by Tom Paterson

Love this image....

2nd Jan 1988
9th Jan 1988
16th Jan 1988
23rd Jan 1988
30th Jan 1988
6th Feb 1988
13th Feb 1988
20th Feb 1988
27th Feb 1988
5th March 1988
12th March 1988
19th March 1988

26th March 1988

Buster comic covers from 1988 drawn by Tom Paterson
Jan-March 1988
Here will be a whole year of 1988 and what fun...eye catching covers they are...
The paper and ink got better at this time (started 30th May 1987) which made it more stronger the colours and lines.

The Buster covers of that period were coloured by John Burns, nephew of the comic artist John M. Burns.

Lew Stringer
Thanks Lew for the information

Friday 18 April 2008

More comic writers

Graham Exton is talked about at toonhound. A lot of info is used here go to the website to read it in full...wonderful to read how characters came about.

Graham wrote in the 80's at Fleetway
Sweeny Toddler (great writing.very goon show...goodies)
Strawbelly in Buster about a scarecrow that comes to life and helps on the farm
Spare-Part Kit from Wow.a boy who wears spare parts of arms...legs which makes him very strong
and wrote for Oink! comic..
Sid’s Snake in the 80's(which is almost impossible to write for..its all been done before..and to be original and new over the many years it had been on the cover..amazing!)
Gums ...the false teeth wearing shark in Buster

Writer in comics in the 80's-
Mark Rodgers wrote for Oink (also kids tv fun Round the bend)
Deadly Hedley in Buster a vampire detective
Boy Boss from Wow.. Whoopee and Buster a kid who ran a huge business

Tony Husband wrote for Oink and drew as well
and Patrick Gallagher also wrote for Oink.

Lew Stringer also wrote for all his characters he drew in comics
Tom Thug for example in Oink and Buster.

Jamie Smart also draws and writes for the Dandy.
My own Genie for example

Mark Bennington wrote and drew for Fleetway in the 80's.go to the link to read in detail...

Not only did he write his own work like Memory Bank in Whizzer and chips
The Savers...Dozey Derek...The Dummies (his first comic work for Fleetway)..Brainsly Smartpants, The Fat Pack and Delbert etc in Buster.
He also wrote for other artists like
Buster for Tom Paterson..1986-1990 Love the writing!
The super funny Centre pages of Buster late 80's to mid 90's..Lucy Lastic..Captain Crucial...Stupid Street and many more..drawn by him, some by Tom Paterson
Also in the late 80's
X Ray specs
Sweet Tooth for Whizzer and chips

He wrote some wonderful stuff....love the zany centre page stuff and Buster...it was always different everyweek and great gooney gags...

Jack Edward Oliver wrote nearly all of his stuff except for the last years of Vid Kid. Again wonderful puzzles and stories he did for Cliff Hanger..Mastermind in Buster.

Terry Bave and wife Shelia

they both wrote all the characters which Terry drew like Odd Ball...Toy boy..Ginger Tum..
I'm sure he also wrote for DC Thomson his work on Winker Watson for example.

Tim Quinn go to link for more info-
Hungry Horace 1979 through the 80's in Topper and Sparky (later becoming Topper)
and many other Topper characters
Beryl the Peril, Mickey the Monkey, Peter Piper, Danny's Tranny, Ali's Baba, L-Cars, Thingummyblob, Tiny,
created The Tyme Twins for Topper

For Fleetway he wrote 1978- early 80's
Buster..Whizzer and chips and Whoopee
The Gold Rush (from Jackpot),
Sweeney Toddler, Supermum, Bumpkin Billionaires, etc
also writing whole annuals and summer specials!!

Kev F Sutherland
writes his own comic work for The Beano
comedy adventures strips starring The Bash Street Kids, with Dennis The Menace, Minnie the Minx etc.. going over several weeks.

Gary Northfield writes his own comic work for The Beano
Derek the sheep

Do you know other writers for humour comics let me know and I'll add to the blog.
Use the label below to see the other post I did on writers in humour comics.

Thursday 17 April 2008

Beano writer George Cobbs

Heres a fun story revealing the writer G. Cobbs of the Billy Whizz page in 1982. Drawn by Malcolm Judge
The issue is Jan 16th no. 2061.

I wonder what else he wrote...
the G stands for George
George still works on the Beano as chief sub-editor under Alan Digby. Indeed, if you managed to catch the scottish leg of BBC 2's 'Comedy Map of Great Britain' two Saturdays ago in the five minutes devoted to 'The Beano', when Alan Digby entered the Beano office George was sitting at a desk in the background.
thanks Kashgar for the info!

Writers are often overlooked from the comic artists.
Johnny Bean by Laura H is written by the Beano editor Alan Digby,...which is my favourite at the moment. Alan Digby also was editor of the Beezer and Topper comic and I guess he wrote Ratz for Vic Neill in the early 90's..and writes the new Ratz for Hunt E..and Laura H in todays Beano.

In the late 80's -1990's Craig Ferguson wrote Minnie the minx and Fatty Fudge spoofs of films...telly in the Beano..drawn by Jim Petrie.

Ken Reid's
Jonah....written by Walter Fearn
(thanks to Lew Stringers blog for the info)

Lots of comic fans love the early Desperate Dan by Dudley D. Watkins.....
Leo Baxendale's Bash Street kids......

But a thanks must go to the writer who wrote these brilliant gems.....who were they.....lets hope more names come out..let me know by email or on the comments here....very interested to know.

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Is it the comic you buy or the toy?!

The Yogi comic and toy was the first to have a free gift on every issue and it had a higher price. (The Beano was 2p at the time) nowadays it seems to be the toy and comic......I'm always throwing the toy away from Beanomax and The Dandy...its too much.....

Kids are spoiled these days.....when a comic had a toy or sweets attached it was a big event also the characters in the comic played with the toy in the story..or even showed the comic character eating the sweet that was given away ...also you knew new characters were joining and goodbye to others...A special moment!!

Simply Smiffy joined the Beano by Steve Bright in the free gift issue for example.
Whizzer and chips issue had Pongo Snodgrass coming back by Nigel Edwards..Worldwide School by Reg Parlett..Pigwidgin (a adventure story it was 1195 a sorcerers slave who reads a magic spell book and ends up in our time... well 1983)

Today's Dandy for example has 3 free gifts every week....and loads of competitions with no questions just a lucky draw...next time its the same......new characters are popping in and out...not such a big deal...

Is this better or was it better before.....? Your comments are welcome...

I suppose its like everything for young people today...sweets were a treat...today its everyday!

thanks ISpyshhguy for the picture and some of the info...and the inspiration for this post...

Mind you the letter by Susan McCabe from Durham was complaining that the comic needs more free gifts....the letter is from Sparky 1971 Number 312 Jan 9th.
She would be happy now.......or would she?

Monday 14 April 2008

Mike Lacey's other comic work

Here are some more Mike Lacey work which I'd missed on my fansite.

Lew Stringer has also pointed out that Mike Lacey drew some of 'The Swots and the Blots' in Smash incorporating Fantastic 1969. Leo Baxendale is mistaken for other artists like Mike Brown. As these artist weren't allowed to sign there work But Leo was...these artists are confused with Leo Baxendale. George's Germs was drawn by Mike Brown for example.

Mike Lacey did draw for DC Thomson and not just Fleetway.
Thanks ISPYSHHHGUY for the info..
Rudolf the redcoat mountie from the centre pages of Sparky comic 1970.

Sunday 13 April 2008

From Jim Petrie

Hi Peter , Just an Update as Radio 4 is broadcasting prog-Comic reunion 20th at 11,15 am. Its a chatty history past &present . My comment "Minnie kept me in porridge all those years!" may be in. Should have added WATERY porr.!!Comments re D Dan are hilarious.Of course Dave Torrie ex Dandy ED is a seasoned story teller and a mine of info re Office & characters. Best wishes Jim

On a side note I was to be on the show interviewed as well as a comic fan.
But it got cancelled 3 times due to someone else cancelling in London. I was just too far away for the interviewer to come to my own home being from Surrey Guildford the interviewer from the Midlands.......so bit annoyed and disappointed.. :( ..... :D anyway should be a good program to listen too.
Peter Gray

More emails from Jim...
Brings back memories.Craig Ferguson & myself were chuckling over Fatty F last month-Craig wrote the scripts for the FF feature as well as Minnie -all 1st class works Catch up with u later Best wishes Jim

The website I did on Jim Petrie comic work...Minnie the minx...The Sparky People...etc..

I though those stories were very clever...so now we know who the writers was...loved Minnie for the topical references...tv...in the news...craze..etc
and good movie spoofs... Peter Gray

Another email from Jim Petrie

Hello Peter, I had forgotten some of the characters U showed on the JP site.!! Just getting acquainted again. Thank U ,Peter.I dont have a Comp but I use the Council ones now & again. 2 Russian women told me that I had been spotted on Google-they are Scientists at the Uni.so here I am.

I saw Gordon Cook on the Sparky site-must add a comment there.T-lady was to be 2pages but no page rate increase so I kept to 1page-wasnt sure of how much mileage in T-lady too! The Creative Scriptwriters arent recognised for their 1st class work. R.D. Low ,Managing Ed. spoke of the Creative teams in DCT and how 1/3 of the pages could carry the Comic, He wasnt keen on artists meeting others. John Geering wanted to meet everyone when he started here-official line was Dont mix writers and artists.It didnt work !!
Best wishes Jim


He seems to be saying that an artist with one style couldn't do more pages in the comic....though as said before David Sutherland did because he had different styles.
Peter Gray


These comments are also found at comicsuk forum.

I've mentioned this 'page restriction' rule before in relation to adventure strips in the Thomson tabloid comics where, for example, if a new strip was appearing drawn by, say, Ken Hunter and the editor wanted to reprint an old strip that happened to be drawn by the same artist, he would be forced to have the old strip redrawn by another artist in order to conform to the rule.

Hello Peter, Pas son any comments I send U, I just use the facilities at the Uni. Methinks RD Low would be speaking about the popular characters making the Comic 1st class and if they had 1/3 of the pages the 2/3 would be supporting. Wasnt about artists. the readers polls would give a lead and they could change as we know!! I preferred a simple script to draw from and I drew Minnie up to her usual japes .All the writers were on the ball . they turned out marvellous ideas. "We start with blank pages every week" RD s comment.Must leave youa as this is Life Drawing evening- group of fellow artists with Dundee Art Society for practice & improvements. Yours JIM

Anyone got any questions for Jim let me know!
Nice he is still drawing...Peter Gray


Craig has emailled me see his message at the website..

Thanks Craig..made my day

He is also willing to answer any questions....as a writer for Minnie...please let me know and I can email him.


Jim's retirement on the BBC news

Saturday 12 April 2008

From Ian Knox

Peter, hugely flattered by the attention you give me on your website. If there's anything
I can get you let me know.


Unfortunately I.P.C. were not handing back original artwork at the time I left, so I can't pass any of it on to you.

I have stacks of stuff about the local political scene lying around me here but I doubt it would interest you. You can see the kind of stuff I'm producing now on the Irish News website or my weekly T.V. spot on BBC N.Ireland "Hearts and Minds" website.


See Ian's political cartoons here...lots to see...I just love his over the top length and stretch of characters he draws.

I had a very pleasant evening last week with Davy Francis who drew for I.P.C. ,John McCrae who draws the odd Spiderman and Will Simpson who has drawn Batman and Judge Dredd in his time.

I remember when I was living in north London I was the only artist who regularly delivered artwork by hand. I was frequently late and tried to skulk in and out without Bob Paynter seeing me. At that time Alf Saporito sat at his drawing board in a cramped corner of the entrance lobby.

I qualified as an architect at Heriot Watt university, Edinburgh in 1969 and worked for Richard Seifert when I first came to London. There wasn't enough drawing involved so I called into the Dog & Duck, Frith St. one lunch hour and managed to persuade some of the animators to give me a job.

Must turn my head to matters political, good luck with your sites,

Ian Knox.

Thanks Ian for the background info on yourself and the encouragement.
Peter Gray