Sunday 27 June 2010

Pansy Potter wrecks the Beano office twice!!

Charles Griggs The Beano 8th Feb 1958

First Christmas Beano 1938. Hugh McNeill

Thanks to phil-comics at ebay..
Note that both strips have Pansy kicking down the office door..and dropping a penny/sweet..

Its interesting the way the two stories are similar in the way they introduce Pansy Potter...

16th December 1989 by Barry Glennard
Pansy didn't wreck the Beano office the last time she was introduced..

Thursday 24 June 2010

Malcolm Judge is great at so many different ways of drawing speed...

Also the lettering whizz are done in unique the zoooom! overlapping..

I also love the multiple Billy's in one panel..

No other Billy Whizz artist has topped the variety..its just brilliant..

Monday 21 June 2010

Smudge does have a Dad!!

The Beano 21st August 1982..

Smudge's Dad is a frogman on the oil rig so that is where he is..
Also love the details John Geering adds to his drawings like the flower very put out by Smudge using its flowerpot...also the ducks in the rain..and the mouse..

John does a great effect in the first panel showing heavy rain the house in the background is suggested in diagonal rain strokes..also great expressive faces..

looking forward to the 1980's era featured in The Beano and Dandy Heroes book 2011 coming in late August..

Thursday 17 June 2010

Reader coming up with a story idea for a comic character..

See last panel..
Tom Williams Nutty comic 13th March 1982. Number 109
Fred's Bed story recently was written by a you can see this isn't a new idea..
Very cool to have your idea used in this way..

Sunday 13 June 2010

Cor-medy choice from Cor comic part 2 The Spectre Inspector and Wally's Weirdies.

Jim Watson

Can anyone help with the artists name please for Wally's Weirdies.

Both from Cor!! 11th May 1974.

There were not one but two winners of the second Cor-medy contest: The Spectre Inspector and Wally's Weirdies. Both debuted as regular sets in Cor!! issue dated 20th April, 1974 (Easter number) and survived the merger with Buster shortly after.
Other contestants were: Jinx Street, Hickory Dickory Doc, Willy - the World's Worst Werewolf and Our Kid. thanks to klakadak-ploobadoof for info..

Friday 11 June 2010

The Beano 2005 Comic Idol's Zap Zodiac

Steve Horrocks
8th Jan 2005
Sadly the strip didn't take off despite winning the contest..mind you Christmas Carole might have been too much if that won...every week a Christmas theme..
Hugh Dunnit was the other strip...

Home Invation by David Sutherland (New in The Beano in the Comic Idol contest 2010)reminded me of Zap Zodiac and this Buster strip..
The Twitopians..go to link to see..

More info on Zap Zodiac..

The new Beano idol contest is sooo much better than the 2005 contest...I like all of them..

Thursday 10 June 2010

Uh, Oh Si Co! and Samuel Creeps from Nutty

After talking about Cor-medy Choice which Cor comic did in the 70's along comes The Beano idol in this weeks issue..where we the reader can choose our favourites between three..
Home Invation (David Sutherland) , Meebo and Zuky (Laura Howell)and Uh, Oh Si Co! Nigel Parkinson..all of them good..all should be in The Beano..

Uh, Oh Si Co! stood out just a little bit more for me and love the mum going does remind me and others of Vic Volcano from the 90's Beano drawn by Robert Nixon...also in Nutty was Samuel Creeps a posh kid who got the better of bullies and also can be very strong at times..
Bob McGrath drew it the Three Bears artist..
So old ideas refreshed..

Monday 7 June 2010

Cor-medy choice from Cor comic

There were two contests to choose your favourite new character in Cor!! comic...

Cor!! 5th May 1973..
Some great details in this strip..

30th June 1973..
Name the artists folks...theres a challenge..

Cor!! 18th August 1973..

Cor!! 19th January 1974..Heres the new contest..I only have one example sadly..

Cor!! 19th January 1974..The winner drawn by Mike Lacey..a great concept..

These contests must be nerve racking for an artist if he is relying on this strip to win..

40 years ago number 1 Cor!! came out..

More posts on Cor!! comic to come..