Wednesday 22 December 2010

We've had Steel Claw well heres Kid Gloves!!

Reg Parlett who does an amazing job at drawing hand shapes with the gloves very expressive..they do seem alive walking along the floor with the kid upside down..

later drawn by Rob Lee Gloves
Buster comic-
Launched: 13th December 1975

Ended: 19th April 1980

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Leo Baxendale's The Nits of the round table Leo the king of snow in comics!!

29th Dec 1973 Christmas Buster and Jet

26th Jan 1974 Buster and Jet

I love the way Leo draws snow..and you can really feel the cold reading it..also he does a great Dear diary effect in that second one which he often did in The Swots and the Blots with Fred Blot telling the story..with ink blots accidently on the picture..

I thought I had done every Leo Baxendale comic page But I found great I can share this..

Nits of the Round Table
Launched: 24th November 1973

Ended: 23rd March 1974

In: Buster

Anyone got any info on Tiger comic and did Leo draw other characters in Tiger?

It'll be a reprint of the strip he drew for Valiant from late November 1966 to late April 1967, Peter. The Buster site should say it's a reprint from Valiant, not Tiger.

I knew Leo drew for Lion so I thought the info was it was Valiant it was from..
Thanks Raven for the correction..

Saturday 18 December 2010

The Space Kids by Ron Smith -The Beezer 10th Sept 1966

10th Sept 1966 The Beezer
What a pickle they've got the ideas of the strange monkeys and the hidden mine like cacti..very creepy..

After Space Kids left us on a cliff hanger because Classic from the comics which was reprinting it ended..Kashgar has put up some useful information in which issues it was in..

Managed to have a look and here is the full run down of 'The Space Kids' strip as it appeared in the Beezer.
As already mentioned the original series ran from No 457(17/10/64) (the issue when Beezer had its major 1960's overhaul and leapt from 12 to 16pgs) to No 557 (17/9/66).
Then in 1976/1977 this 101 issue series was partially reprinted in a run of 56 issues in issues 1044(17/7/76) to 1099(5/2/77).
The issues that were reprinted were as follows -
1044-1086 reprinted 457-499
1087-1092 reprinted 502-507
1093-1094 reprinted 518-519 (the 1965 Xmas story)
1095-1099 reprinted 553-557
Digi is correct in his reprint history as it applied to the 1976 reprint series. The full reprint history being as follows
Classics 170 reprinted 1044/1045 (457/458)
Classics 171 reprinted 1046/1047 (459/460)
Classics 172 reprinted 1048/1085/1086 (461/498/499)
Classics 173 reprinted 1087/1088 (502/503)
Classics 174 reprinted 1089 (504)
Classics 175 reprinted 1090 (505)
Now while it is true that, after the strip published in the final issue of Classics, the series still had nine issues to run in 1976/1977 this doesn't mean that you would need to collect all nine instalments to see how the particular story left unfinished with the closure of Classics ended. This particular Space Kids adventure having reached its denouement in issue No 1092(18/12/76) only two issues after the final Classics episode.
I've checked a number of the obvious sources to see if they have copies of the two Beezers in question (1091/1092) available and 30th Century Comics does have issue 1091 for sale but sadly not 1092. However someone on ebay is selling the Beezer issues where the strips both originally appeared (506/507) with a starting bid of £2.99 each Thanks to Kashgar

Sunday 12 December 2010

Nutty comic came up with the Borgs before Star Trek Next Generation!!:))

Nutty comic 24th April 1982..drawn by George Martin..

Isn't that made me smile..:)
The ship is round the quote in the panel Anything else we fire, they'll just hit back! :)

Its funny seeing Bjorn Borg with two heads..

Saturday 11 December 2010

Move over Billy Whizz and Jane B Quick here comes Turbo Sarge!!

From Nutty comic 1985..

This artist did draw his characters upside down quite a bit.. also nice busy pictures..

I love to know the artist..I think he drew Spike in Topper in the 90's Annuals..

Friday 10 December 2010

Its a Knockout mixed with Allo Allo it has to be Schoolditz by Frank McDiarmid in the School Fun Holiday Special!!

Heres the first one from number 1 School Fun 15th October 1983..

Frank obviously enjoyed drawing this strip with lots of German..war references..
like Schoolditz on the castle is a play on the word Colditz..
This strip was around due to the success of the comedy 'Allo Allo!''Allo_'Allo!

Monday 6 December 2010

The Beezers 4th October 1975 Krunch, the monster from the Deep by Frank Mc Diarmid

This image is from Bruce..thanks to him...its from the link below at comicsuk forum..

Heres Bruces blog from Australia

Krunch looks like a very exciting tale..though pretty grim the destruction of the lighthouse and train..the train really did look like a toy..
The monster itself is strange with tentacles and orange with yellow spots..a kind of alien lizard..the way it throws the train away in that long distance shot is great..depth really adds to an adventure story..
also good fast pace and talking endlessly around a table..But talking on the move..and outside..
Its always great to see a new Frank comic work..

Sunday 28 November 2010

Eric Roberts at the AP..

Some months ago I prepared this little stripography of Eric Roberts work for the Amalgamated Press but never got a chance to post it. So here it is now in all its
succinct glory!

Mike 318(31/3/45)-793(8/5/54) initially not every week rpts 3/6/61-17/6/61,
1/7/61-19/8/61, 2/9/61.
Mike and Dimps 794(15/5/54)-945(6/4/57)
Sinbad Simms (Shark Boy of the South Seas) 946(13/4/57)-1011(12/7/58)
Billy Bunter 1013(26/7/58)-(21/11/59)
Billy Bunter's Six of the Best 1038(17/1/59)-(30/7/60) joke page with a 'Billy Bunter's
Tuck Box' as a prize comprising sweets from confectioner Fry i.e Chocolate Cream,
Crunchie, Punch and Turkish Delight.
Only missing a single week in fourteen years (No1012) Eric Roberts holds the record as the artist with the longest continuous tenure in the pages of the comic.

Mike 445(17/8/57)-492(7/7/58) the strip was then taken over by the artist 'Kim'.

Film Fun
Niblo Nibbs (He's so funny he ought to be in pictures) 23/1/60-9/7/60

Big One
Smiler (R-Mike) 17/10/64-20/2/65
Sinbad Simms (R) 17/10/64-20/2/65

Smiler (R-Mike) 27/2/65-3/8/68
Sinbad Simms (R) 27/2/65-23/10/65
Smiler and Dimps (R) 20/9/69-16/9/72

Nippy Nibbs (R-Niblo Nibbs) 28/8/71-11/3/72

Thanks to Kashgar for the info..

1947 Mike
1948 Mike/Pin-Up Jokes
1949 Mike
1950 A Day with the Dobsons (Mike)
1951 Mike
1952 Mike
1953 Mike (Also cover of annual. The only one I can think he ever did)
1954 Mike
1955 Mike
1956 Mike
1957 Mike
1958 Mike/Our Ernie
1959 Mike/Sinbad Simms
1960 Mike
1961 Mike

1966 Smiler (R-Mike)
1967 Smiler (R-Mike) Sinbad Simm (R)
1968 Smiler (R-Mike)
1969 Smiler (R-Mike)
1970 Smiler and Dimps (R-Mike and Dimps)
1971 Smiler and Dimps (R-Mike and Dimps)
1972 Smiler (R-Mike)
1973 Smiler (R-Mike)
1974 Smiler (R-Mike)

Buster Holiday Fun Special
1969-1972 Smiler and Dimps all (R-Mike and Dimps)

Sorry that the blog pictures below have disappeared..its my own thought I'd forgot to reduce the image size resoloution.. and have exceeded my limit..they should come back on the 9th Dec..
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Photobucket account. As such, your image and video links have been
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usage resets to zero
. So I'm a bit stuck until then...:(
Also I've got two craft fairs this week also did one yesterday and also Kim's bookshop needs more cards for Tuesday so I'm very busy at this time of year..
I will upload later...

Thursday 18 November 2010

George Martin's Janie B Quick from Judy comic number 1

This is before the Beano's Billy Whizz which appeared on the 16th May 1964.
Mind you Billy is a lot faster than this girl who is only quick..

Thanks to stevezodiac

Jan 16th 1960 Judy
Thanks to Phoenix

and Kashgar for the info that its drawn by George Martin all from comicsuk forum..

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Weird Wolf by Frank Mc Diarmid Frankiestein Whoopee book 1977

A one off in Frankiesteins book..nice different types of shading and thickness of line..and great expressions on the Wolf..

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Snowy Owl retouched..the last 1 hour and half

I showed it to various people and one lady who works in art suggested the sky looked a bit flat and in two halves..also she said it needed some yellow in the sunset and dark I normally take advice very seriously and decided she was I've done her suggestions it works..
So this picture is finally finished..;)

This original art of a tiger is for my Step Daughter for Christmas..I'm really pleased how friendly I've made the know when a picture goes well..
Also will later make these two into cards and A4 and A3 limited prints..

Sunday 7 November 2010

Catch the Cat Bunty Annual 1979...what is the difference to Billy the cat.

Loved reading this..after doing the Princess Tina post I'd thought I'd have another look at girl comics..I only have a few annuals and havn't really read them..But this stood out..

The drawing is done in a great style..I think its the all black cat costume which makes the strip good and that most of the adventures are at misty dark night time..
Also this character can get hurt and you can feel the struggle she goes through unlike the springy Beano's Billy the cat..also the danger is high being set in World War 2..the biggest difference to Billy is she is not very popular with her friends as she seems to have German friends and be on the enemy side..WHAT A COVER!
While Billy is the weak and clumsy in his alter ego..
Will look at some more girl comic/annual characters..

Please can someone help with the artist...?

I could be wrong but the faces look like the work of Robert MacGillivray.

- Phil Rushton

Brian Walker's Guy Fawkes Mask from Whoopee and Wow

Brian is great at this type of drawing he also did a good centre pages of Buckingham Palace..

Friday 29 October 2010

Reg Parlett's Hancock from film Fun use the link..

Being a big Reg Parlett fan it was a real treat to read some Hancocks strips from Film Fun..thanks to Nigel..go to the link now..

As you can see they really capture the 50's era..bombed out buildings..hip teenagers smoking in cafes..smoking adverts on money by smoking!
factory camps with knobbly knee contests..
all drawn with great details..

Wednesday 27 October 2010

The Dandy is back 100% Funny

From comicsuk forum heres who made The new Dandy..artists..writers.etc.
Hi all!

As a long-time silent lurker here, I thought I should finally contribute. I am Craig, and I am an editor of The Dandy. One of only four in 73 years, which makes me an incredibly lucky boy.

I'm glad you all seem to like the new direction. A lot of research, experience and plain hard work has gone into it since we kicked the project off, and its success as a comic is all down to its contributors, whether freelance or DCT-employed.

Some post here and some don't, some are long-standing Dandy contributors and others are entirely new to kids' comics - one thing unites them all: they have been heroic in their commitment to this project and I feel lucky to have been a part of it.

If you're interested, these are the contributors to issue 3508:

Nigel Parkinson - Harry Hill, The Phantom Pharter, Little Simon and chief Harry-knowing comics nut: His contribution has been incalculable - and should be applauded to the hills.
Jamie Smart - Desperate Dan, Pre-Skool Prime Minister, the Style Guide: Jamie's been a part of The Dandy for six years now, and when we came to set up the style guide, Jamie's name was first on our list. He was also author of a remarkable email to me which coincided, in emotion and timing, with the initial proposal for these changes.
Wayne Thompson - The Mighty Bork, Pepperoni Pig, Shao Lin Punks, Bananaman and Noel or No Noel: a remarkable artist and friend.
Lew Stringer - Postman Prat and Kid Cops: long-time champion of comics, artist and one of the first names on the list of new artists we hoped to get on board. Thanks for all the support, Lew.
Nigel Auchterlounie - The Bogies, Professor Dandy: great writer, artist and ideas man. Look out for much much more from Nigel in The Dandy. Also an early morning Sky TV superstar - cheers, Nige!
Duncan Scott - Simples!, Count Snotula and What's In Cheryl's Hair Today? - There really will be 101 meerkat episodes! Not so many of Cheryl's hair. Top guy and great artist.
David Mostyn - Dr. Doctor: Mr Mostyn is supremely talented as a children's book illustrator and also past Dandy artist. It's a huge pleasure to have him onboard again, and you can all look forward to some absolutely top-notch work from him in the near future.
Chris McGhie - iDad: Chris is very busy with things far more important than comics, but he always finds the time to help us out.
Alexander Matthews - Robot on the Run: Alexander is well-known in more grown-up cartooning circles, but new, I believe, to kids' comics. ROTR is, in fact, a serial (someone mentioned this earlier?), and it's a good 'un! Nice one, Alexander!
Andy Fanton - George vs. Dragon: a friend of Jamie's, recommended by him, and one of the first new artists we found for The Dandy. Doing more stuff as we speak.
Phil Corbett - Korky the Cat: Korky wasn't coming back until Phil and Chris (staff artist) combined their energies to fight his corner. Turns out it was good enough to make the cover, so what do I know?!
Garry Davies - TV Teaser: Great guy, simple idea, kids love it. What more do you want?

The following people work in the Dandy Office and their efforts have been unstinting, even when putting together Dandy Xtreme and working on this project:

Michelle, Ally, Katy, Mark and Chris.

Thanks to them all, and to you for reading.


I like the new Dandy it brings backa zaniness..silliness..and the artists all seem to really respond to this..a new freedom..

I liked Jamie's new strip Pre-Skool Prime Minister and Harry Hill best..
Also when he was young 'little' will be fun seeing new stars each week...another good thing the Dandy being weekly again..

Its a comic you want to keep and re-read..
Love the details in some of the strips which you can spot a second time..
All the other strips like Postman Prat..Robot on the loose..Kid Cops..the comic strips..Pepperoni Pig..Shao Lin Punks..Desperate Dan are the others I like..

Roll on next week..
Its better than The Beano now!!

Tuesday 26 October 2010

(Mitch) Roy Mitchell has died But lived life to the full..

Hi Peter

My name is Louise; I'm Roy Mitchell's daughter.

I came across your blog tonight and was so thrilled to see your 2008 entry about dad's War Cry job (his longest serving client of 30 years, as it happens!)

Anyway, I felt moved to let you know that sadly dad passed away five months ago.

He was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2007 and fought so bravely (and brightly) for three years. He was still working just a week before he passed away on Sunday 23rd May, making a grand total of 34 years in the cartooning business.

He lived his life to the full; 64 going on 24 - and as a friend said recently, he was quite unimaginable as an old man...

Thanks for making my heart happy with your wonderful blog.


Hi Peter

You're more than welcome to do that.

Let's continue to feel fortunate in having such amazing dads - some sadly don't have that privilege, eh?

All the very best - and keep blogging!

Lou x

We certainly had very talented artist Dads..and many fond memories..

See more info on Mitch at Bear Alley blog..