Monday 28 February 2011

Reg Parlett's Whizzer and Chips Lib an' Archie and their Magic Piano

Whizzer and Chips 1st May 1978 It stated off as just being called Magic Piano.

I've found another Reg Parlett comic character he did..I don't think he did it for long before Joe McCaffrey took over (I think that is the name of the artist that drew it next!). The strip is a great concept and lots of old and new tunes are played resulting in fun results..again Reg is the master at drawing an object in so many different ways in each panel..also nice expressions on the piano!! the eyes mixed in to the woodwork and the grinning teeth of the smile in the keyboard..

Mike Lacey ghosting a kind of Reg Parlett/Joe McCaffrey style..
which is unusual as Mike often drew different characters in his own style..also normally the cover was for Sid and Shiner..

It is a nice cover..Mike the king of comic covers..

Inside annual Joe McCaffrey

Saturday 26 February 2011

Reg Parlett Knockout's Full house

Knockout 11th September 1971

Its a fun simple idea and I can't believe I've overlooked this strip for the blog..
The girl seems to love George Best both boy and girl are in there bedrooms and the father is often battling against the mice of the house..Mother is often found in the kitchen..the crows always looking down to see what they are all up to this week..
Love the naughty baby!!:))Also a budgie a cat and dog are also in the action..
Love how the whole house (including sometimes the basement) is used and lots of busy pictures to enjoy in each room..
See steelclaw great website on Knockout..
Full House from Knockout chat on comicsuk forum

Sunday 20 February 2011

Comicsuk forum Great posts 2
at last: BABY BOOMER
Great seeing Spy's comicstrip work..
Dennis the Menace tinplate clicker
also Danny, Minnie and Biffo.what a great free gift!!
Things that only happen in comics..
Buddy comic discussion
Comics seen on Tv programs..
Questions for John Stokes (Buster's Marney the fox)
'widescreen' comics: original-format BEEZER and TOPPER
Beezer and Topper in full size..wonderful to see..
Fudge the elf by Ken Reid...a real eye opener! Much more going on in this strip it had a lot more punch then I realised..
'You'll never work for the BEANO again!''
Leo Baxendale leaving the Beano..also Ken Reid..
Whacko comic with art by Terry Bave.
Lyons Maid produced lots of icecream and lolly references in the pages..
Weirdest-Ever Comic Strips!
Girls comic pages which are great to see..lots of imagination and atrangeness like
The girl in the mask..
Balloon Girl
Though that horse picture is just evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Different birds featured in comics like Polly the Parrot in Mickey the Monkey..
Some great Steve Bell mazes he did for Cheeky to see..
Western strips in comics..
Patriotic British Heroes
See Ken Harrison's Broons and Oor Wullie IN color! also in few colours..
Masters of Genre
who was the best in Dark Comedy, Comedy general, Comic Adventure, Sci Fi, Fantasy, TV realted artists, Sport, Romance and War.
Years of "Maxwell Hawke" in `Buster` comic!
Prehistoric characters
like Toppers Big Uggy!
Jonah book vol 1 and 2...lets hope this happens one day!!
At least we got the best of The Dandy's wonder dog Black Bob there is a chance..
British Comics and WWII 1945-1965
like The Beezers 'The Heroes of Paradise Road'
Buster artists interviewed for the 50 year Birthday
Best ever free gifts in comics....e.g the Gnasher Snapper..
Easter comic covers..
Bash street kids and Young Desperate Dan text stories and images in The Wizard
The "gross comics" debate
Eric Bradbury
More Chriatmas covers some amazing covers!!!!!
Longest running merged masthead cover appearance
The class system in comics
When we were young...old photos of us as comic fans...

including me!!:)
Beanos on the Loose!
Adverts in other comics of The Beano also
David Sutherland Bash Street early years..with great title panels..
Breaking the Fourth Wall
I love this in comics..when the characters are reading themselves..or know they are a comic..
Groan! It's the grown-ups!
Characters like Jonah, The Bad Lads, L Cars, Send for Kelly etc..
Comics that make you laugh:))
One Small Step - Moon Wanderers and Others
Nick Kelly: A Spy For All Seasons!
sadly some of the images have gone..still worth reading..a very inventive well drawn story..
Comic Stories...and how they end
Comic `Ads` on the Telly!
Bring back Summer Specials!
Euan Kerr leaves DC Thomson
A 1960's comic countdown.
Kashgar tells us The most successful comic to be launched in the 1960's, at least as regards longevity.
Express Weekly
MOST `Nauseating` comic character of all time
Should The Beano and Dandy have more detailed work..?
Dudley Watkins Centenary
One day a whole book should come out on this great comic artist..
magazine and comic covers
As mentioned on this blog before bring back drawn magazine covers..why does nearly every magazine have to have a photo on it..
Les Barton
From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties...
Harry's Haunted House for example..
also from Kashgar
As promised list of contents of Monster Fun No 1 dated 14/6/75.
Cover - Kid Kong using free gift 'plate wobbler' art Robert Nixon
Frankie Stein (Honorary Ed) art Robert Nixon
Kid Kong art Robert Nixon
X-Ray Specs art Mike Lacey
Martha's Monster Make-up art Ken Reid
Dough Nut and Rusty art Trevor Metcalfe
Grizzly Bearhug - Giant art Andrew Christine
Ugly Mug photo competition
Art's Gallery art Mike Lacey
Badtime Bedtime Storybook art Leo Baxendale
Draculass art Terry 'news of my death has been much exagerrated' Bave
Brainy and his Monster Maker art anon
March of the Mighty Ones art Mike White
Monster Hits gag page
Major Jump - Horror Hunter art Ian Knox
Creature Teacher art Tom Williams
Tom Thumbscrew the torturer's apprentice art Trevor Metcalfe
The Invisible Monster art Sid Burgon
Cinders she's hot stuff art Norman Mansbridge.Very useful information thanks Kashgar
Moon Madness from Smash!
Sea-monkeys, 'onion-gum' and X-ray specs......
Those strange ads in American comics where you can buy X Ray specs!!
Chix in comix
like Minnie in The Beano..
Dandy v Beano - Why is Beano the more successful?

more to be added soon to this post..up to discussion page 14..

Hope people are finding this useful.its taking a long time to do..though fun rereading old posts..

so many good topics we've discussed at comicsuk forum

Thursday 17 February 2011

The mini comic booklets..and other collecting fun!

Spotter book of TV Whoopee! 28th January 1978.
Spotter guide booklets were also ticked it off when you spotted them..
So watching Blue Peter you could then tick off Valerie..don't know the other people..
tick off when you spot a cameraman..

Slow Coach 1973 by Frank Mc Diarmid and Lucky Dick 1976 by Ian Knox
A Whizzer and Chips Merry Memories Booklet which resulted in readers voting for one of these old characters to come a good guess it was Beat your Neighbours.

Cards could be collected and later played into a game..
26th Feb 1983 Buster Xray Specs game

World Wide Werdies drawn this time by Robert Nixon did a Calendar booklet showing the seasons with monsters!
Love to see the other one..sadly don't have that one..I like how hes blended the Autumn and Winter season into one picture..though shame the booklet was only in two parts..
(Ken did do the Calendar one Month at a time in a Shiver and Shake annual..)

This was a treat you could collect the booklets together to make the first number one Whizzer and Chips! (20th October 1979)
They also did this with Buster number 1 booklet..

Sid Burgon drawing (Whizzer and Chips 10th and 24th October 1981) Joker used the booklet pages to tell a gag a page so you didn't have to wait until next week to find oput what happens next..

Paul Ailey Whoopee! 14th October 1978

These mini comics appeared at times in IPC comics and a few times in DC Thomson. Sometimes you had to buy four comics then cut out and put in order making a bigger mini comic.
These can be puzzle books, joke books..

Also they did comic samplers booklets to give you a flavour of other comics you may not have bought..e.g Mickey Mouse Weekly, Whoopee, another good idea..
Leo Baxendale of course did the great Badtime Bedtime booklets in Monster fun see link for examples and info..

Jack Edward Oliver did an amazing choose your own adventure type Cliff hanger time traveled Cliff to different eras it was very clever had two options to choose from taking you to a different page in the booklet..
Off Topic...its so good to see my geocities back online thanks oocities..
See on the page for all my other websites on top comic made me very happy to see this!

I know there was an Ivy the Terrible booklet in The Beano by Robert Nixon But DC Thomson didn't seem to do many of these...unless you know better..
Maybe the new Dandy could bring back comic booklets...mind you I wouldn't want to cut my comic up..:)

Friday 11 February 2011

BEEB Magazine Adventure Story pages....

Grange Hill

The strip captures the flavour of the tv series quite well.


John M Burns

One by One

I've never watched Tripods, Automan or One by One so can't comment on them..also never liked Grange Hill..though did watch Byker Grove ;)

Thursday 10 February 2011

BEEB Magazine The Feature pages....

The cover is very might of put people off from buying it..
It does have an educational feel to Look and Learn..But not as exciting..

Contents Page with snake does feel like homework this..

Behind the Scenes of Saturday Super Store
This is better and I would of enjoyed reading this..

Dr Who can't go wrong with this..

BBC tv slot..its a shame they couldn't have more info on who will be on..e.g Saturday Super store which bands playing etc..

Pop Slot

Blue Peter Special

John Craven Reporting

I think The Blue Peter and Newsround sections would of been better if it had a diary from the presenters in what they are up to..mixed in with these articles of interest..a bit like today with the presenters of Blue Peter doing blogs online..

Wild life page

A sports page

It had the latest popstar posters..

So BEEB was not just a Look-in type But also a Look and Learn magazine mixed in..