Monday 22 July 2013

Happy 75th Birthday The Beano 30th July 1938!

What a great line up of characters...The Beano has worked because of the strong characters and the unchanging quality of it..
The Beano editor thought in the 75th Birthday special £6.99 in WHSmiths or at the DC Thomson shop

He would of liked to have shown this issue in the book But he decided to show the first appearances of I'd thought it would be fun to show it here...

Another nice thing about The Beano is the artist stayed with the character for years and years and really is impressive...

So well done The Beano and hope you never change..and that is to make us laugh..

Wednesday 10 July 2013

The Dragon Family a new cartoon series by me..

Its a bit different for me mixing acrylics and a big thick black pen...But the result is quicker to read jokes and really stands out...whether I can think up any more ideas..who knows..But here is 7 good gags by me..

You can buy them as cards and prints at my new website shop..

Thursday 4 July 2013

The Topper comics -Beryl the Peril does The Avengers!

1966 Topper
Nice seeing this...

1961 Topper ghosted by Bill Ritchie! Its always fun seeing how well an artist can do different styles...this is a good Davy Law style...notice the horizon lines and different perspectives...Bill must of seen that in his work.