Friday 27 February 2009

Reg Parlett- The Mummy's curse..

From Whizzer and Chips number 1 1969.

22nd Nov 1969.

The last ones in the series (This one is May 1970) looks like they were drawn by
Jim Crocker.

See lots of early Whizzer and chips pages by me at..

Reg Parlett- Big Boy and The Goodies and the Baddies

Another Reg Parlett character. A bit Billy Bunterish.

On my website on Reg I put this as a strip from Wow! 1980's...yesterday I found the strip in a 1973 Whizzer and chips annual.

From comicsuk forum..
Big Boy is a reprint of 'The Big One' Peter, the title character of the oversized broadsheet comic produced by Fleetway in 1964-1965. It was amalgamated with Buster after only 19 issues and I seem to remember that, unusually for a title character, that Big One didn't start to appear in the title until well into it's, admittedly, rather short run. After the merger Buster and the big lad shared the cover strip for a while. Kashgar Thanks Kashgar...

Is The Goodiesa dn the Baddies a Whizzer and chips characters or from an even earlier comic?

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Nadal drew The Nutts in Valiant

these are from the early 70's Valiant.
Nadal also drew for Buster
Big 'Ead
Blarney Bluffer
Buster's DiaryBuster's Dreamworld
Buster's Dreamworld: 20th January 1968 - 15th June 1974
Art: Nadal

Lazy Sprocket
Milkiway The Man From Mars

Minnie's Mixer UPDATED

.....A food mixer mixes all kinds of things together in funny ways. like a dog with a lampost!

Penny Pincher
Professor Nutcase
Ug & Tug
Kashgar has given this information in correction of Best Of British magazine.

Nadal is a Spanish comic artist. His strips do have a European feel because of this.

He is great at drawinng pretty girls..:)It does have an Asterisk feel...

Monday 23 February 2009

Bill Titcombe's Krazy look at telly..

This is a fun feature in Krazy comic 1977-78.
What I like even more is that it shows what was on the telly in the late 70' really captures an era. Also good gags..

Bill also drew
Buster's Diary: 6th August 1960 - 4th February 1961
Art: Bill Titcombe

Buster, Son of Andy Capp: 28th May 1960 - 4th February 1961
Art: Bill Titcombe

He also drew Tom and Jerry...for TV Comic and many others..

Also drew Wind in the Willows..

Also drawn for Look-in magazine..

Friday 20 February 2009

Punch cartoons..1940's and 50's.

The guy who drew comicial naughty round ponies. What a great drawer. Love the gag!

Great at drawing zany trains. He drew Winnie the pooh and Wind in the Willows. Love the image of Churchill in Big Ben.

The Whizzer and Chips Fusspot artist worked for Punch.

Punch cartoons are would be great if one day you could buy a CDROM of all the issues to view on a computer. Like they have done with the New Yorker magazine
and Mad Magazine
. Also like to see Private Eye and John Bull do this as well.:0)

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Krazy back covers...fool your friends!

Place on pavement...:)

roll up and leave in letter box...only works if you have a dog to blame..

Just fooled my Wife with this one just now.....:) he he he he..

These Krazy back covers are great..really drawn well to look very real..
Who Drew These?

Krazy had some great ideas...the editor wanted it to a kind of Junior British Mad comic type...he was very sad when it only lasted a few years and merged into Whizzer and Chips 1978.

Mad magazine had its fold in reveals...Krazy had its fun disguises..

the first Krazy back cover so you can read it at school....turn it over when teacher spots you...ta-da an exercise book...very clever..

roll up into a glass.....looks very real...good enough to eat!:))

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Nutty's The School Belles drawn by Evi de Bono

Nutty comic March 6th 1982.


From memory Steve and assuming I'm remembering the right strip 'The School Belles' was the work of Evi de Bono, who despite his rather exotic name (of Maltese extraction I think) was, and indeed still is, a Londoner through and through.

quote from comicsuk forum.
thanks Kashgar for the info..

Sunday 15 February 2009

John Bull magazine and The Passing Show UPDATED!!!

Permission granted to use these images from
Larry Viner

Change to post...

John Bull

John Bull magazine had super drawn covers like the american The Saturday Evening Post, the John Bull covers encapsulated post-war Britain and employed some of Britain's finest illustrators. quote from wikipedia.

I love these witty drawings on magazine covers of the past..
Juat discovered www.advertising archives which have 50,000 loads of these great British magazines to enjoy. It really shows the era of the 40's..50's..60's and 70's.
The artistic, pleasing to the eye and skill of these works which no photo can capture. Todays magazines use photos mostly...I feel they are missing out on a drawing visual feast...these covers are good enough to be collected and put on the wall.

Are we tired yet of the and women photo covers on todays magazines...can we learn from the past...
Its time for a change!!!

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Dicky Howett fun comic work..and news on Tim Quinn

Dear Peter,

Dead fab gear as the Beatles once said. Love your tribute page to Dicky Howett (and he ain’t even half dead!). I shall email your link onto him if you haven’t already. And many, many thanks for my ad. Fantastic and Terrific! I haven’t a clue how I finished up The Gold Rush.:0)
I know I did another version of it when I worked in the States for The Saturday Evening Post Magazine (created by the one-and-only Benjamin Franklin). They ran 7 kids’ mags and I created strips for each when I worked as their so-called Humor Editor. The strip was called Jack & Jill’s World Marathon and ran in the pages of the US Jack & Jill magazine that has been around for donkey’s years. I had it illustrated by a local guy (we were based in Indianapolis) called George Sears. Super artist. Worked with him on quite a few other projects. Nobody else drew like George just as nobody else drew like Dicky. I’m attaching an unpublished Dicky pic. Working with one publisher I suggested looking at the possibility of bringing Billy Bunter back. I got various artists to draw their versions. Here’s Dicky’s. Nifty or wot?!

Very best,


another email..:0)

Dear Peter,

Well, this just gets better and better...

I seem to remember scripting a puzzle or quiz page for a holiday special round ‘79 or ‘80 which Dicky drew (Monster Fun maybe? Or maybe it was a Whoopee summer special??). I find it hard to believe if he didn’t do any other work for IPC as was...The memory, you know, it’s not the pristine razor sharp tool it was once...Dicky and I did a zillion things for Marvel UK. They had a ton of weekly and monthly titles out back then. Very odd that our very British style was accepted in the muscular cape and underpants world of the super-hero. Hulk the Menace was one of our strips. This was about a ten year old boy who was a combination of the Incredible Hulk and Dennis the Menace. Another strip was about The Fantastic 400 who were the world’s largest super-hero group. We rejigged this for The Saturday Evening Post Magazine’s kids division in the US where it appeared as The Fitness 400, the world’s healthiest super-hero group. Never sell a good idea only once! Dicky also did many excellent tv gag cartoons down the years for mags like TV Times. He did a knockout tv strip in Denis Gifford’s Ally Sloper mag back in ‘78. (What a great guy Denis was). He also did a sewage works amount of material for very naughty magazines, which he should be ashamed of, but isn’t. I can talk!


Thanks Tim and nice to see a comment from Dicky has well below...Peter

Super Mum started in Whoopee!! Jan 1977.

I love hunt the worm...also hidden is a nosey bonk type character..
His characters have great up turned noses.nice sound effects and lots of witty commnets..

I've also attached a sketch from UKCAC '86 which didn't feature on my blog. All the fan attention was on '2000ad droids' or geezers from Marvel and DC, so Mr. Howett just sat there all lovely and obliging at a desk with his pens and a cup of coffee. All the best, John

Thanks John Gilheany for the to meet him myself..

These are all The Gold rush I have..
Doh! I don't have the last does it end...its in number 86 Jackpot..

Dicky is just a great fun comic artist...
He also drew for Dr Who magazine in the past.

Tim Quinn is a fan..and wrote with Dicky. See him chatting here about his writing for comics..

I'm going to see Tim Qinn..:0)

Coming to a venue near you in 2009 and 2010:

The Ups and Downs of Life as a Comic Book Creator
I Was Spider-Man’s Editor

Celebrating 42,000 Years of Comic Books

Titanic Tim! ...Stan Lee
Tim Quinn is good for vibes! ...Brian May
Genius! ...Gyles Brandreth

Stories told in pictures have been around for a long time…from prehistoric cave wall drawings through the Bayeaux Tapestry. But it was those Masters of Mirth the Victorians who finally came up with the handy-dandy-sized comic book and a whole new astonishing art form was created. From the Penny Dreadful to today’s 250 penny dreadfullers, comic book scriptwriter, illustrator and editor Tim Quinn takes you on a highly nostalgic trip down memory lane to meet some of the great and not-so great comic characters of the last 150 years. Tim also takes you behind-the-scenes from his days working for The Beano, Sparky, Bunty, Playhour, Jack & Jill, Buster, The Topper, the Daily Mirror’s Jane and Garth, and America’s finest Marvel Comics to running his own comic book company alongside the elder daughter of Enid Blyton. He will guide you through the creation of a brand new comic book character and reveal to you his own secret identity as that Supreme Speedster, Jet Lagg. The audience is invited to attend wearing capes and masks.

For over 30 years Tim Quinn worked for the world’s most famous comic book companies as scriptwriter, editor and illustrator on everything from Beryl the Peril, Korky the Cat, Bunty, Desperate Dan, and the Bash Street Kids to Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk. With a lifelong love and encyclopedic knowledge of comic books he takes his audience on a hilarious and highly nostalgic trip through the last 150 years screening images of the best and the worst strip creations. Tim will also take his audience behind the editorial scenes at various comic book companies he worked for both in the UK and the US, including the mighty Marvel Comics showing just how comic book characters are created. Hear how Tim teamed up with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May to create a comic book without pictures..! See how the naughtiest comic strip ever seen was produced in the Marvel Comics basement..! Find out how the daughter of Enid Blyton teamed up with the editor of Spider-Man..! See the banned Spider-Man cover..! What happened when the Incredible Hulk met Dennis the Menace..? How Tim survived being editor of Barbie’s comic book..!

From comic books Tim Quinn became a producer with LWT’s documentary tv series The South Bank Show. One of his documentaries told the story of fifty years of Marvel Comics. Today comic books are more popular than ever before with blockbuster movies based on their characters topping ratings the world over. Tim is currently working on a new strip titled, The Exploits of Gordon Brown.

Suitable for boys and girls from 9-150! (No nudity, swearing or violence but please come anyway.)

See Mighty Quinn website for tour dates
For more information contact:
Jane at Quill Publications/Mighty Quinn Management.