Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Nadal drew The Nutts in Valiant

these are from the early 70's Valiant.
Nadal also drew for Buster
Big 'Ead
Blarney Bluffer
Buster's DiaryBuster's Dreamworld
Buster's Dreamworld: 20th January 1968 - 15th June 1974
Art: Nadal

Lazy Sprocket
Milkiway The Man From Mars

Minnie's Mixer UPDATED

.....A food mixer mixes all kinds of things together in funny ways. like a dog with a lampost!

Penny Pincher
Professor Nutcase
Ug & Tug

Kashgar has given this information in correction of Best Of British magazine.

Nadal is a Spanish comic artist. His strips do have a European feel because of this.

He is great at drawinng pretty girls..:)It does have an Asterisk feel...


Anonymous said...

The Minnies mixer strip from the annual there is not by Nadall.

Anonymous said...

is the 'MINNIE'S MIXER'page above from the actual number one 'WHIZZER and CHIPS', number one, PETER? It looks familiar.......SPY.

Peter Gray said...

Yes 1969 Number 1 Whizzer and Chips back page

..changed it so its now by Nadal......annuals often had ghost artists...some are very good..hard to see the difference..