Sunday 30 November 2008

Grey squirrels are taking over!!!

In the original version it was red squirrels...the reprint comic Classics from the comics number 152- Nov 2008.. show instead grey squirrels...
Greys are even taking over reds in our comics...they must be stopped!!! :) Bring back the reds!!

Shame the colouring is different..

Skips advert to get four comics..1984

Quite amazing the amount of things you have to do...just for buy 4 comics!!

You have to buy four comics in the first place..for the four tokens...then 10 empty packs of Skips plus 12p for the postage..
ha ha ha!!
From Whoopee and Wow! 30th June 1984.

found out from
that it is drawn by David Mostyn. (who drew for The Dandy Mikey the mouth..etc..)

Tuesday 25 November 2008

New cartoon and Jackie Edward Oliver:))

Jack drew this...if you look carefully you can see his logos drawn in a kiddy fashion..e.g the worm number 5, the warthog number 3, Abolish T Tuseday in kids spelling number 7, the box with handle number 9, ACME number 8, and even a childish signature ..Jackie Edward Oliver in the last panel..not really made me smile seeing this again today. From Whoopee!! Christmas 1984 my era..:)

My website on Jack-

New one drawn today.....I tried to get a neon effect on the background board of the ball ramming the skittle. Also like the bowler Lion t.shirt..

The success of the flew market selling my cartoon cards has really got me drawing again...:)

Monday 24 November 2008

My new cartoon cards

The flea market..
(-Woking sports centre the next one I'm doing is December 14th Sunday 9am-3pm)
..went well selling my cartoon cards I've done..I made £66! Its nice to think of my work being enjoyed in different homes.

I'm also doing the Christ College Larch Avenure Guildford
Christmas night market 11th December 7pm-9pm.
I'll be selling cards and drawing cartoons on the spot any requests..see you there!!:)

Thursday 20 November 2008

Mr Men ebay finds

I'm always seeing new things.....
Ebay is a great place to see rare Mr Men items.

The popular Mr Greedy, Mr Silly and Mr Forgetful feature in these computer games written for children of four years and upwards.

Entertaining and rewarding, the games are designed not only to be fun to play but also to help young children develop the skills they need when starting to read.

They are also a friendly and absorbing first introduction for a child to the exciting world of computers.

This is obviously rare as is over 20 years old!

good fun train..


more rare stuff I've never seen

never seen this before?




I'm sorry all the picture disappeared...

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Classics from the comics edtiting on canes and slippers

from Classics

From The Beano Book 1958..

Classics from the comics is editing corporal punishment...look at panel 1!!
Even canes hitting a kid on the nose is too much for our new kid all seems stupid to me...who thought up this even says its from the late 50's on the Classics from the comics strip so its a period piece...
Kids do learn about history at school...

Dennis Dad's slipper often is edited out....
the small edits might not mean much...But it does to me...the year the strip came out should inform the reader enough. Its not today!!

I used to think Classics was all I needed ...too expensive to get old comics..
Now I'm spending the money...the colour..the strips that are never shown...I've changed my mind completely...I love the red colour in the old comics..the paper colour...crisp black line...colour pages..the originals are so much better. Buying old Toppers and Beezers has been wonderful the large size print..bright much better!!!

Thursday 13 November 2008

Offenbark by Reg Parlett

That "Offenbark" strip originally appeared in the first (1964) Boys' World Annual, though I don't think it ever ran in the weekly comic where Parlett drew a regular 'Did You Know?' feature instead. It's a great shame the old fleabag didn't enjoy a longer career as he had everything required to become the canine equivalent of Lion's long-running 'Mowser' imho.

It's worth remembering that some of Parlett's best work during the early 1960s was published in Odhams titles like Boys' World, Eagle and Swift where the higher printing values allowed him to use grey washes - and sometimes full colour. Of these strips the most popular was certainly Eagle's 'prehistoric poodle' Fidosaurus who ran riot every week for several years in a world that was a reasonable facsimile of the Flintstones' Bedrock (he was subsequently renamed 'Pongo' and then 'Fido' for two separate runs of reprints in Buster after IPC bought out Odhams). Happily I managed to acquire the original artwork for one of these sets last weekend and I can't wait to see how it looks framed (he said smugly!).

- Phil R.

Thanks Phil for the info from comicsuk forum. From ukcomicsarefun blog there is a feature on the Lion 1983.
Thanks to Phil Fluter.

What got me excited was a new Reg Parlett strip I've not seen before.
Offenbark! Anyone know which comic it was from or was it a one off for the Lion Annual. To me it looks like it was from Lion comic as a guess. There was a similar strip with a cat and butler by Reg..maybe this one is the first version.
Can anyone help!!!

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Super School heres my version part 2

The wording is a bit faded..
First panel -Teacher says
That wood is damp it will never light!

The last panel says-
Now to change cat..erm back!

Click on images to see in whole. At this stage I'm working out which characters I want in each frame...the wording...layout..what I basically want in the finished page. So from a rough idea to a more clearer idea on paper.
Next is to draw again in pencil and pen in what will be my final stage...with colour afterwards.

I really recommend copying. Though tracing is alright for somethings its better to just draw it. You can learn a lot from different comic artists this way. Some of it you might want to use in your own style.

Monday 3 November 2008

Super School drawn by Lew Stringer...heres my version

A great new character in The Beano by Lew inspired me to do a story myself using these fun characters.

click on image to see in whole-

Here is the idea I thought up in the this stage its the wording that is most important to get many panels...have I used each character..what would each character do...

I'm cheekly doing a bonfire scene...sparklers...though avoiding fireworks those I will add some going off in the night sky. Also making it more of a party with food (hot dogs) and drink (coke).

Robert Nixon drew each Beano story in his own style making a whole Beano comic to get the job at DC Thomson when he first started out.

So theres my idea...

I'm now copying Lews drawings of each chaacter to get a feel for it...what does there clothes look like...what they look like from each angle..expressions..etc..