Sunday 31 March 2013


* KAZOOP !!: A LOOK AT SHIVER & SHAKE STRIPS: SCREAM INN: Scream Inn was clearly one of the highlights in Shiver and Shake . The strip that represented horror comedy at its very best was il...

Well worth looking...Shiver and Shake comic in great detail..

Thursday 21 March 2013

Jesus Blasco working in nursery comics with wonderful adaptions of classic books thanks to Phil Rushton

To my mind, however, this version seems a bit rushed and cramped: definitely below his usual standard - besides which it has an off-putting slickness which makes Alice look as though she's strayed from the pages of Embleton's 'Oh Wicked Wanda' strip inPenthouse!

By contrast I'd rate Jesus Blasco's interpretation amongst the best work he ever produced. I don't know if he did all the colouring himself but your mention of the background colours 'crashing together' in startling ways is spot on. Here's a truly spectacular sequence in which the whole scene seems to be viewed through a kaleidoscope:



...And Alice's encounter with a 'magic' mushroom is positively hallucinogenic (this was, after all, just three years after the 'Summer of Love'!).


Finally, an electrifying sequence from 'The Enchanted Lion' where Blasco experiments with avoiding the use of solid black altogether in two panels - thereby producing an utterly stunning effect that seems to jump right out of the page!



- Phil Rushton
Scrumptuous' is a perfect description of Blasco's Alice! As for the curious variations in her age, I suspect that Jesus might have used a photographic model for some (but not by any means all) of his renditions, which could well explain any apparent discontinuity. The second panel in the page below, for example, looks to me as though it was based on a photograph - either of a real girl or a doll - which makes it stand out quite oddly from the dynamism of the surrounding panels. (It's also interesting to compare this page with the rather more leisurely treatment of the same scene that appeared in Tiny Tots).


...And here's an even more obvious piece of photo-realism that Blasco used in his slightly-less-scrumptuous adaptation of 'Gulliver's Travels' shortly afterwards:


- Phil Rushton
Regarding Sue's earlier observation that Jesus Blasco seemed to have trouble keeping Alice's apparent age stable from one panel to the next I couldn't help noticing that he had similar problems with Tom the chimney sweep in his adaptation of The Water Babies. This rather weird inconsistency is particularly noticeable in the following five page sequence - though it's pretty breathtaking in every other respect.






...As Alice herself said - "curiouser and curiouser!" :? 

- Phil Rushton

That's great Matrix! :) I've got other episodes from the same story but not that particular one.

On Jesus Blasco, he was fortunate enough to be helped out at one time or another by three brothers and a sister. At least two of them proved to be excellent artists in their own right so that during the 1950s Jesus, Alejandro and Adriano individually drew stories for the British market that would be difficult to tell apart if it weren't for their different signatures. Shortly after this, however, they seem to have started working together solely under Jesus' byline with Alejandro and Andriano providing meticulous finishes for their brother's layouts - thereby producing three times as many pages as any one artist could ever hope to. Here they can be seen working together in a photo taken from the Spanish website Deskartes Mil:

Image ... asa-v.html

- Phil Rushton
Thanks Phil..
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Saturday 16 March 2013


* KAZOOP !!: MORE FRANKIE STEIN BY ROBERT NIXON: Robert Nixon did so many excellent Frankie Stein sets in SHIVER AND SHAKE that I found it difficult to decide which ones to include in...

It really great seeing shows that though Ken Reid of course did some great stuff with this character so did Robert Nixon..

Also like Kazoop review of the character Frankie Stein he has done...and his review of shiver and shake is of course excellent..

Saturday 9 March 2013

Thanks for being patient...

Scanned this at the college...
As I've said before my scanner isn't working and I don't have enough money yet to replace it...also very busy setting up my new business as a pet artist learning at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation in Leatherhead. Its been very good But a lot of work. Will be having a new website promoting my pet portrait business. which is not ready to see...also I'm going to pay someone to do it for money is tight for now..
 So my blog will be more of a showcase of the best on the web and on comicsuk forum for now...

See the first  The Twitopians
Comic: Buster
Artists: Stan MacMurty (Mac)

I love seeing the first strip of a new character..the how it all began feature in Big comic was great....

Friday 1 March 2013

Lew Stringer Comics: A feast of fun

Lew Stringer Comics: A feast of fun:     Welcome to my new blog, lewstringercomics

Will be great seeing Lew's Oink comic work and in Buster plus today..
looking forward to it..welcome back Lew!!!!!!!!