Sunday 30 August 2009

Tiger and Hurricane's Chuckles joke page by Jack Clayton

Jack Clayton 1966.
Interesting the different pen line thicknesses used.
His style is very different to his 70's and 80's work.
I prefer his later work personally. He did much more fun detail then the ones we see above.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Week magazine covers by Howard McWilliam

He is really good at capturing the likeness of people.

Howard does some super angles in his work.

love the on!

I love this zombie kid image..the colours and the gormless look says it all..

Its good to see drawn magazine covers today. Beats photos anyday. Much more creative!

Monday 24 August 2009

Leo Baxendale's Banana Bunch doing an Operation!

I had to show you this one..
The Bunch playing Doctors and Nurses.
Seeing the bread knive being swang around is quite unusual...we have forgotten that comic violence is not real. So it disturbs us today. Seeing the nurse with the hairy legs really made me laugh!

Things were different in 1960!

Friday 21 August 2009

Leo (the lion) in Lion comic!

A wordless comic strip of Leo from the 50's a very different version to the cover figurehead.

Phil Millar draws the 1960's Leo's corner joke page.
Phil also drew for Sparky comic e.g Willie Getaway in the 70's.

The idea is to cheer up the lion with jokes!

On a side note I wonder if Reg was going to draw a lion comic page But changed it to a cat instead. It is a cat strip anyway in Lion.

Thursday 20 August 2009

Buddy comic's Buddy!

From comicsuk gallery.

Buddy was in charge of Buddy comic named after him.
One problem for the figure head of Buddy was there was only one picture of him
as far as I know.

So artists tried to change the drawing to get an expression out of the grinning Buddy. It looked like someone had graffitised him. He just needed blackened out teeth and a moustache!!:)

Who was the artist who drew Buddy?
Its a shame the artist hadn't drawn a few more versions. :)
They got it right with Spike in Spike comic by Brian Walker...a much better result.

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Brian Walker's Spike in Spike comic

Spike drawn by Brian was not only a cover star and the name of the comic But also had his own comic page...The Spike Report.

These Adults are very cruel to Children..
Clip round the ear doesn't sound much fun..maybe kids did need to wear that gear for protection.

I like the way the page curls up at the end..

Spike also had appearances on the letter pages..also in the competitons and quizzes.
So the Character had to be liked by Boys..
Spike seems to be a rough common working class character and a bit older than most Kid comic Characters.

Never read Spike has a kid..never really got into adventure drawn comics..has an Adult I like them a bit more..But I still more excited at seeing the comic page in the Adventure comic! :)

Sunday 16 August 2009

Eric Robert's Buster and Big One Sinbad Simm

6th March 1965.

Sinbad Simms
Started in Buster: 27th February 1965

Ended: 23rd October 1965

Comic Launched In: The Big One - Continued in Buster

Other Comics: This strip was reprints from Amalgamted Press' Knockout

Its nicely done this has real characters..also it must be every boys dream to have a pet shark!!:)Love to read more of this story.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

See my websites turned into blog posts..

I've created many comic artist websites here are some of them...

Terry Brave | Tom Patterson | Ken Reid | JEO | Trevor Metcalfe | Steve Bright | Reg Parlett | Leo Baxendale | Brian Walker | John Geering | Bill Ritchie | Mike Lacey | Robert Nixon | The Weird and Wonderful of the Comic World | And a Whole Site Dedicated to JEO's Mastermind

23 websites in total!!...sadly and very annoyingly GEOCITIES is closing down in October!! So I'm having to take every picture...text and save to my computer then reload them up somewhere else...I've decied to create a new blog to store them on...

GEOCITIES did go off line an awful lot and wasn't the best place to do a a good chance to put them somewhere better and for me and you to revisit them...I sure did a lot!!

Monday 10 August 2009

Buster is joined by the Big One on the cover!

Heres an unusual set up the two comics merge Buster and Big one also the two cover stars share the cover story. Nadal comic artist draws both stars. Later the Big one character is put inside the comic as reprints of Reg Parlett work. This starts on the 31st July 1965 and
ending on 23rd October 1965.
Info from here..

Well Buster always did like ending his strip with a big slap-up meal now he had someone to share it for awhile. The Big one looked a bit like Billy Bunter..though this character was also very strong. Its nice this short time of cover stars getting to know each other and being friends!!:)