Wednesday 20 May 2015

Be the star in a comic! Wham! comic and today's Beano!

The latest Beano is giving you the chance to be the star!
 Also its nice its on the back cover and drawn by Hunt Emerson. 
A lovely new feature!

 Wham! comic drawn by Mike Lacey also did a similar thing in 1967.
You could star in The Tiddlers!! It was done in a nice creative way!

Friday 8 May 2015

Island of Monsters The Dandy 1969 A very creepy strip!!

Nov 29th 1969

 Dec 6th 1969

The insects really creep me that bats a comic collector I'm trying to get the whole series so thanks Paul Rose for buying some Dandy's and Beano's at such a kind deal..

.of course amazing work by Paddy Brennan! Every frame different...figures are brilliantly done...