Friday, 8 May 2015

Island of Monsters The Dandy 1969 A very creepy strip!!

Nov 29th 1969

 Dec 6th 1969

The insects really creep me that bats a comic collector I'm trying to get the whole series so thanks Paul Rose for buying some Dandy's and Beano's at such a kind deal..

.of course amazing work by Paddy Brennan! Every frame different...figures are brilliantly done...


Niblet said...

Lovely work on these stories. I wonder how many times the 'giant animals' idea was used in the comics?

Rabsmith said...

This strip totally freaked me out first time around, Peter! The very first episode features an unforgettable image of a native pulling a dead giant beetle on a vine------it really set the horrific tone! Here, I find the giant caterpillar more repulsive than the giant bat, for some reason---fantastic, if terrifying, strip, though----and Paddy's skill is just as good as Dudley Watkins in my view. SPY

Peter Gray said...

The insects huge are revolting large i agree Spy...lov to see the first episode.. if anyone can help...I'll do a post on it..

Giants of the Sea was another one Niblet..huge Crabs and eels!!