Thursday 30 June 2011

Les Barton's Ma Kelly's Telly going on forever....

Sparky 31st July 1971
That last panel made me think there must be very little men inside that telly the little men are watching...then are the very little men watching a tv as well!! my mind has just blown up..BOOM!!:)

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Jim Petrie's The Sparky People a darts match with The Beano editors..writers

17th July 1971 Sparky

Heres a gem and you can see on there backs there names..
one is Al?

The other is Ian whc must be Ian Gray

Can't see who is the bowler hatted character? Come on someone must know a Beano worker who wore a bowler hat...:)

Monday 27 June 2011

Minnie the minx by Jim Petrie a closer look..movement part 3

Jim is great at capturing time movement..he would of beena good Billy Whizz artist..
He sure is great at drawing energy..

Sunday 26 June 2011

Minnie the minx by Jim Petrie a closer look..expressions part 2

Beano Dec 23rd 1978

Back from my holiday from not as many blog posts this Month..
I've took with me my 1977/78 Beano's and marvelled at the artists talents what great craftmanships..
This one stood out look how Jim has captured so many different expressions of Minnie..two different looks in each panel..
Jim must of used a mirror..
loved the tongue of Minnie used in a fun way...also the rapid nod side to side of the head on the top of the page 2...also what fun to see them all as turkeys!!
All artists including me should try and copy some of these expressions...
Jim really made each panel different and the characters..

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Minnie the minx by Jim Petrie a closer look..

Beano 1968 23rd Nov

Look at this wonderful panel...blinking at the top then eyes looking downwards..what a clever originla use of falling down a manhole gag..

Two different perspectives...a nice mirror image..
Also nice touch of the father doing his shoe lace by leaning on the dustbin...
we don't see G.P.O signs now!
Love the Dad squashed up in a over the top way nose peeping out..
also the over the top leap of eyes seen as its also a great low angle used on both panels..

Also nice the follow could see this in a animation...

Hope the newer artists in The Dandy study past comic artists like get new ideas for there own comic character...

Another point is how Jim draws hands...they are really good and different each time..

Monday 13 June 2011

New for June- Animal Art to Buy in Prints and cards

Wolf Cubs

Lion and Cubs (there will be a better picture up of this later..there are 3 cubs in the actual picture)

also up is
Two Rabbits kissing

White Horse and Brown Pony

Three spotty black piggies

Kangaroo and roo

Two lambs leaping version 2 drawn landscape
which you saw here in an earlier post..