Friday 30 October 2009

John Geering's Sparky comic title panels for Puss and Boots

Title panels give you a chance to try different things with your characters...seeing them as different objects for example is funny to see..

They also make nice posters..

Thursday 29 October 2009

Albert Holroyd black humour title panels for Thingummy Blob

From Sparky in the later years..mid 70's.

It is almost worse the act the proffessor is doing...he looks very innocent and cute..
These do remind me of Mad magazine.

Great cross hatching penwork Albert has...makes the object different to each other and more solid.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

The Sparky People title panels with the office cat!

The later years of Sparky comic sure did take the title panels seriously and were often different each week.

The Sparky People used the office cat in the titles or on the top of the page...normally reporting on this weeks story. Also the lettering was different each time.

Bill Hill's L Cars title panels in Sparky.

This is the classic title panel of L Cars..

From 1973 onwards the title panels became really good fun and different each week...

I was going to do a blog post on Sparky comic logos..But I was so impressed with the L Cars one it seemed a good idea to highlight it...just love it..

Having a unique title gave you extra fun.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Paddy Brennan's Jimmy's Mighty Midgets from Topper comic

Going to the Chemist to buy stuff to make your own fireworks!!! It just shows how times have changed...I like seeing the era brouught to life in comics..this is 1955.

Jimmys Mighty Midgets...these were little men from space with a red uniform with an O on it and blue helmets with a point.......used there gadjets to help Jimmy foil bullies or thieves!

Jimmy's Mighty Midgets - 2 series in Nos 131-147,215-224. both drawn by Paddy Brennan. Basically an earlier version of the Whizzers from Ozz with dwarfs. from Kashgar at comicsuk forum.thanks for the info..

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Ken Hunter's The Scarlet Spider from Beezer 1966.

What kid wouldn't like to fly that..

Just love the centre pages adventure stories in the 50's, 60's, 70's Beezer and Toppers..specially in large pages...also quite gripping stories..what happens next!!..
A best of Beezer and Topper book should come out for Christmas in a A3 format..
Just an idea..

Nearly saved all my Geocities sites and transfered to different blogs...its been a lot of work...But nearly there..
Heres one blog with all my UK comic cartoonists..still Jim Petrie...Sid B..Ian Knox..David Sutherland..Gordon Bell and other comic cartoonists to go..

My new Christmas card..;)

Monday 12 October 2009

New home for my Mr Men website

My Mr Men info website has a new home as a blog!...due to geocities closing at the end of October...

It gives me a good opportunitie to improve it and add new posts all my memory was used up at more space..

Drawn two new animals...ready for cards and prints..

I will be doing the Maltings in Farnham on Saturday 7th Nov and on the 8th Nov I'll be doing the Woking flea market and collectors very busy at the moment..
an exciting time for me..

Tuesday 6 October 2009

More of Bill Hill's comic work and early work..

note the brick layer in Banana Bunch...see below..

Some images from Spy. At comicsuk forum
Dennis the Menace Beano and Dandy forum.really worth joining and seeing so many comic images..

Before he began drawing for the comics in the early 1960's Bill had provided cartoons and one-line strips for the Thomson women's papers like Red Star Weekly for nearly twenty years. One long-running example which he drew from 1946 being, if memory serves, a laugh at life strip titled 'The Robinsons'. His early work being done to supplement his income from his day to day employment as a bricklayer.
Off hand his Beezer strips were Banana Bunch, Tommy Taylor's Toybox (both taken over from Leo Baxendale), Black Bun, and Roly Poly Joe. I'll check on others.

A couple of other examples of his work from Beezer are Pedro the Pesky Parrot and Wrinkle and Twinkle. He also had a stint on Nosey Parker in the Sparky.

thanks Kashgar.Bill did often draw Builders in his comic we know why...

philcom55 has put up some early work of Bill's up at comicsuk forum..thanks Phil..