Tuesday 31 May 2011

How it all began...Norman Mansbridge's Jackpot comics Little and Large Lenny

From number 1 Jackpot 5th May 1979

So Lenny was born with this gift..
Fleetway sure did some unusual characters hence why they needed an origin..thats why I like owning number 1 comics..or issues where new characters start..

Of course Little and Large is a 1980's BBC comedy double act which I enjoyed as a kid..One sketch Eddie Large doing a Popeye impression and dressed up with Sid Little dressed as Olive...great humour for a kid..wonder what it would be like to watch now! knowing me I'd still like it.I love silly humour :))

I think I will show the origin of Full 'O Beans next time..

Friday 27 May 2011

How it all began Robert Nixon's Laser Eraser Jackpot number 1

Jackpot number 1
5th May 1979

jackpot number 2
12th May 1979

I love this strip especially with the alien angle in the strip..this first strip shows the alien bit looked liked it was to be dropped..glad the writers could see lots of fun ideas keeping this concept..its a shame it wasn't around when it merged into Buster..Buster and Jackpot

If anyone wants to see the first Jackpot Full O' Beans let me know..it was in Big Comic number 1

Thursday 26 May 2011

Thank you DC Thomson...The Ultimate Beano Summer Special number 1!

This is really exciting news the summer special is back with great glossy reprints of Beano Summer specials..which look really good..
£4.99 64 pages
Go to WHSmiths now in the comic section and buy now..

We're discussing it here...I seem to be the only one that has it so far...hopefully Lew will get one and will see his review soon..

Lets hope number 2 will come out this year.maybe a Chritsmas theme special

How it all began Ian Knox's Jackpot's The Funtastic Journey

Jackpot number 1
5th may 1979
Loads of great boot gags and props..love the telephone..and sock world..:))

Jackpot number 2
12th May 1979
Isn't this just a brilliant strip...:)

For Captain Storm...as requested..;) who does the Yellow pages blog (see my blog list on the left) and has showed some Funtastic Journey..

Its such a great imagnative strip...boy I sure miss these type of comics...
I as a kid thought Terry and Gavin wrote and drew the strip..of course its by Ian Knox..not suire of the writer...

Monday 23 May 2011

Nick Brennan's Dandy comic work

Frawg The Dandy 31st Jan 1998

Sneaker The Dandy 3rd May 1997

Blinky The Dandy 3rd March 1997

Peter Piper The Dandy 3rd May 1997

Peter Piper The Dandy 13th March 1999

Noah's Ark The Dandy 15th July 2006

Nick Brennan has a unique style...the bendy legs are great fun..i enjoy his work..I liked Blinky the best its just a great character very silly..
He also has drawn for The Beano Crazy for Daisy and is now drawing todays Billy Whizz..

Saturday 21 May 2011

Bill Ritchie's cartoon strips in the Rover and Wizard

Rover and Wizard 11th Jan 1964

What a master Bill is...love the before and after gag so clever..
also the ref one is spot on...
I have to admit I havn't read any of these text stories maybe I should..I did buy it in the hope that there was some cartoons inside..not many But some good Bill gems..

Friday 20 May 2011

Terry Bave's Baby Smasher from Smash comic

Smash 26th August 1967

Smash 23rd March 1968

Here a very early Terry Bave..reminds me of Nipper which was later in Whizzer and chips unless that was reprints of this strip..also Pudding tops appeared in early Whoopee!! which must of been a reprint from this come to think of it..

Friday 13 May 2011

My new animal art..new for May with my PG Tips

May 2011

I've had another go at drawing the lambs..this one above was from March 2010...you can see that I've improved my drawing skill...though it still has charm the one above..

My tips in drawing animals is to try and have a conection between them...the animal touching together helps this..like my two rabbits touching noses..or the horse and pony and the three pigs rubbing together..touch shows a bond..whether friendship..parent love..or relationship..
If I drew two animals seperate it leaves a space..a gap..its not so warm..

Another a thing I've learnt creating these animals is the importance of drawing fur...I had originally drawn the two rabbits with one with just an orange shape with no detail..it had short fur in the photo so I drew it like that..But when I showed it to people they said they all liked the rabbit on the left and not the right..they said they felt they could stroke the left one...so I've changed the right one with lots of fur detail..so it shows how drawing fur can change a picture...
its interesting that people want to stroke a picture..another connection thats good in a animal picture..

Soon I'll put these up at my website so you can buy a3 and A4 mounted prints and cards of my new animals..

Monday 9 May 2011

Bill Ritchie's The Dandy's Smitten

20th July 1991 The Dandy

Heres a short lived Bill Strip I've recently rediscovered...a nicely painted coloured strip...

It sure shows the mixed feelings a boy goes through in this strip..