Sunday 12 January 2014

Drawings and paintings from last year..

 Pet commission

Kinsale Ireland

Sidmouth Devon

 Porpollo Cornwall
Portland Bill Weymouth

The rat was drawn very quickly it took me two hours...using a charcoal pencil.

The baby Elephant has been a big break through for me...instead of drawing quickly and with a tricky charcoal pencil I took my time over a few days...working out proportions more and using a black water colour pencil drawn on textured paper...this was drawn in October 2013 and at various Christmas fairs I sold 3 large prints and 10 small prints which was amazing! So now as you've seen with the other earlier post I'm using this type of pencil to get more detail and taking my time more...

I'm a character artist...capturing mood and expression.

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My new pet commisssions and new cards and prints...all customers were pleased with there drawings..

Below are my new animal cards and prints...