Monday 18 January 2016

Whizzer and chips 1978 showing off the comic artists work large new blog called GREAT NEWS FOR ALL READERS!

Mike Lacey Sid's Snake

 Robert Nixon Buytonic Boy

 Happy Families Dick Millington

 Hit Kid Sid Burgon

 Horace and Doris Tom Paterson

 Joker Sid Burgon
 The Krazy Gang   Bob Hill

 Lazy Bones Colin Whittock
 Odd Ball Terry Bave
 Paws  Styx 
 Shiner Mike Lacey
 Sammy Shrink Terry Bave
 Starrs wars Ian Knox

 Sweet Tooth Trevor Metcalfe
 Whizz Wheels
 Run Rogan Run!

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Other pages were Money talks...Tiny Tycoon...Hover Boots..The Slimms...Fuss Pot...Super Store!