Sunday 29 September 2013

Tom Paterson's sock!!

Its a nice nod to Tom Paterson who was drawing Sweeny Toddler in the same comic Whizzer and chips 5th October 1985..
As everyone knows Tom Paterson drew a smelly sock as  a Sid Burgon who drew Joker is suggesting its Tom with the smelly feet!!  Nice one made me smile..

Thursday 19 September 2013

Jack and Jill comic 1960 onward centre pages ..The Children who lived in the shoe and Our Village Cherry Green

 By Arnold.

Drawn by Arnold..

Drawn by W. H Booth a wonderful idea of kids trying to paint a moving object...also a nice painting in its own right...

These are great pieces for studying and also trying to find the hidden objects as well..
This feature went on for 7 years and later years was Our Village which had modern children of the 60's in the picture...These are mini masterpieces and would make great jigsaws today...

Wednesday 11 September 2013

*KAZOOP !!: 1976 SHIVER & SHAKE HOLIDAY SPECIAL see a new Ken Reid page one-off

*KAZOOP !!: 1976 SHIVER & SHAKE HOLIDAY SPECIAL: 1976 SHIVER AND SHAKE Holiday Special cost 25 p. and was 64 pages thick. Here’s what was inside. Again, red marks the strips that..

This would of been an amazing strip...great find Kazoop!!