Sunday 31 July 2011

Meet-ups Claws meets Paws

Styx (Leslie Harding Whoopee! 14th Jan 1978

What an energetic busy style...

Krazy number 1 16th October 1976 (must show the first Cheeky sometime from this issue)

Whoopee Summer special 1979
Great whizzing lines..
Styx draw for many magazines and newspapers a panel cartoonist...

Friday 22 July 2011

Ian Knox's 6 Million Dollar Gran in more detail..

Ian's work is amazing...the way hes drawn that dog, horses, elephant and angry lion...the fun movement of characters...the crazy furniture..Gran turning into a train for running so fast..

I hope these visuals will inspire and make you try out new things in your own comic work..

Jim Petrie and Ian Knox are great artists to learn from...

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Martin Baxendale's comic work the son of Leo..:)

Buster mid 70's
Thanks to Leo Baxendale himself in an earlier post we now know that this is by Martin Baxendale who took over some of Leo's Buster comic work when he left to do Bad Time Bedtime story in Monster fun 1975 April. The style is very good and I really thought it was by Leo Baxendale or Colin Whittock.

Jackpot early 80's...Tom Paterson was the main artist and Nigel Edwards

Whoopee and Wow..a good team up of Kid Comic and Smiler when Whoopee's Smiler joined Wow's Kid Comic.
Here is the post I did trying to work out Martin Baxendale's early work before he signed it..
See Deadly Headley here at Bruce's site..

Sunday 17 July 2011

Jim Petrie's Jackpot comics The Incredible Sulk in more detail

It made it to the cover and back page in colour..

The first one Jackpot number 1
5th May 1979

As you can see Jim puts so much energy into his work...what a great character for him to play with..its almost bouncing off the walls..and that lower lip covering his nose in a huge sulk is so memorable!!!
Heres some great images I've found looking through...must do this with another top artist Ian Knox sometime..

The Beano recently had an angry character...though sadly short lived...see Nigel's blog..

I will get round one day to put up the World Wide Werdies..I havn't forgotten..just have to be in the mood as it will take a lot of sorting out..

Thursday 14 July 2011

Ken Hunter see how he draws a Rag and Bone cart from many angles!

The Beezer 11th Feb 1967

This is really well done..Ken not only draws the horse and cart from many angles he also draws what is on the cart from different angles...and you can see all the objects on the cart very clearly as well..very clever and well thought out..
I remember having to draw objects from different angles in CDC GCSE (Craft Design and Communication I think it stood for) at school... But boy that sure is a complicated object Ken has pulled off..

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Watch the Son talk about his father Ken Reid

I thought this link may interest you. It is about Ken Reid and his under appreciation in his local area. Watch the video to the right of the article as well, it features Ken Reid's son, Anthony.

Its great seeing this thanks Lee Richardson..
The Frankie Stein shown in the clip is a later one by Robert Nixon..otherwise its a delightful to see the Son speaking about his father..also didn't know fudge the elf was on his grave stone..,_fudge!_famous_salford_tree_pruned_but_saved.html
Here a tree that Ken Reid use to draw for his cartoons..a nice knotty tree...glad its been saved..

Nice to see people in Salford caring about one of there locals..Ken Reid..
A Ken Reid book is long over due showing his amazing comic work..or a Jonah complete book..