Thursday 23 May 2013

Harold's Hare Own comic meet Moony! with input from Phil Rushton

From the same issue..How on earth did he create fruit!! Odd Ball eat your heart out!!

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Though it only ran for about four and a half years Harold Hare's Own Paper featured some memorable strips, including Harold himself, Flopsy, Wendy and her Toby Jug, Mr. Toad, Katie Country Mouse, Gulliver Guinea-Pig, Dagwood Duck, Pinky & Perky, Torchy the Battery Boy. Pinocchio, the little horses, Snuggles and the Wonderful Island of Yum.

However, my personal favourite had to be the shape-changing alien Moony from the Moon - originally drawn by the Italian Antonio Lupatelli (aka 'Tony Wolf'), and then by Manchester's own John Donnelly. Unfortunately I don't have any original artwork from the actual strips but here's a nice, one-off drawing of the character by Donnelly:


...It's a matter of enduring regret to me that I didn't pump John for details of his career in British comics when I went to art college with his son during the 1970s! Sadly, I only really cared about American superhero comics at the time! :(

- Phil Rushton

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Frankie Stein by Frank Mc Diarmid, probably the last one ever

Whoopee Holiday Special 1988.
As you can see it has some of Ken Reid's madness in it...a bit darker than Robert Nixon's version of the strip..especially when the prof goes mad with the gun on the ship!!

Sunday 19 May 2013

Harold Hare's Own Paper highlights inside-

A nice big comic for younger children...Harold Hare is a great the mouse mowing his hair!!
Hugh signs his work in this comic and he does do quite a few pages..

This shows how well it was doing...

I love the nonsense of this strip...Hugh McNeill is great at drawing mad characters!! Also she is very cute..

Peter Woolcock drew this..

Philip Mendoza

This is such a delightful is so sweet...

Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Lady with super vintage 20's painted cover for the magazine..

These covers stand out a mile in the shop. 17th June 1926 it comes from.
The colours are brilliant and it really shows summer. There's been a few vintage covers recently. My Wife buys the magazine.As said many times the drawing and painting beats the photo of a celebrity face anytime. Photos can be interesting But are often just faces close up and no imagination or mood like this above.

Well done The Lady for being imagnative hopefully new artists will also get a chance to design the cover in fun ways as well.