Sunday, 28 November 2010

Eric Roberts at the AP..

Some months ago I prepared this little stripography of Eric Roberts work for the Amalgamated Press but never got a chance to post it. So here it is now in all its
succinct glory!

Mike 318(31/3/45)-793(8/5/54) initially not every week rpts 3/6/61-17/6/61,
1/7/61-19/8/61, 2/9/61.
Mike and Dimps 794(15/5/54)-945(6/4/57)
Sinbad Simms (Shark Boy of the South Seas) 946(13/4/57)-1011(12/7/58)
Billy Bunter 1013(26/7/58)-(21/11/59)
Billy Bunter's Six of the Best 1038(17/1/59)-(30/7/60) joke page with a 'Billy Bunter's
Tuck Box' as a prize comprising sweets from confectioner Fry i.e Chocolate Cream,
Crunchie, Punch and Turkish Delight.
Only missing a single week in fourteen years (No1012) Eric Roberts holds the record as the artist with the longest continuous tenure in the pages of the comic.

Mike 445(17/8/57)-492(7/7/58) the strip was then taken over by the artist 'Kim'.

Film Fun
Niblo Nibbs (He's so funny he ought to be in pictures) 23/1/60-9/7/60

Big One
Smiler (R-Mike) 17/10/64-20/2/65
Sinbad Simms (R) 17/10/64-20/2/65

Smiler (R-Mike) 27/2/65-3/8/68
Sinbad Simms (R) 27/2/65-23/10/65
Smiler and Dimps (R) 20/9/69-16/9/72

Nippy Nibbs (R-Niblo Nibbs) 28/8/71-11/3/72

Thanks to Kashgar for the info..

1947 Mike
1948 Mike/Pin-Up Jokes
1949 Mike
1950 A Day with the Dobsons (Mike)
1951 Mike
1952 Mike
1953 Mike (Also cover of annual. The only one I can think he ever did)
1954 Mike
1955 Mike
1956 Mike
1957 Mike
1958 Mike/Our Ernie
1959 Mike/Sinbad Simms
1960 Mike
1961 Mike

1966 Smiler (R-Mike)
1967 Smiler (R-Mike) Sinbad Simm (R)
1968 Smiler (R-Mike)
1969 Smiler (R-Mike)
1970 Smiler and Dimps (R-Mike and Dimps)
1971 Smiler and Dimps (R-Mike and Dimps)
1972 Smiler (R-Mike)
1973 Smiler (R-Mike)
1974 Smiler (R-Mike)

Buster Holiday Fun Special
1969-1972 Smiler and Dimps all (R-Mike and Dimps)

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I've seen your other website before with other artists for DC Thompson commics - and I love comics like The Beano and the Dandy; and today is actually the 73rd birthday of the Dandy and I did a post at my blog. I've got a lot of comic collection of the Beano and the Dandy, and I've scanned a few comics of Desperate Dan I have, and I was wondering if you are interested! - my blog!