Saturday 9 August 2008

Bill Holroyd's Nobby the Enchanted Bobby...his Beano work

Beano Dec 27th 1952.
Nobby the Enchanted Bobby (535-563)info from Kashgar.

Have-a-go-Joe (354-458)

Tick-Tock Tony (430-447)

Bucktooth (464-487)

1957 his last work for The Beano.
(Beano issues number 778-788)

Ding-Dong Belle (issue numbers 368-465)

Working mostly for The Dandy after.

He drew many top strips for DC Thomson. See the link to see them all.

Dandy's Brassneck, Screw Driver, Jack Silver....
are just a few. I'll be covering these in the future.
He was great at drawing slapstick. Must of loved Laurel and Hardy! as a good guess.

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