Monday, 17 May 2010

Boris and Shimmy in Dinkle Land from Buster number 1 and 2

The artist is unknown But he must of been inspired by The Goon Show from 50's radio.
Ken Dodd had his Diddlemen is this an early version?
A very strange quirky short lived strip..
like the way they are grown from trees..
In a later strip they have a boxing match they don't hit each other But say insulting words at each other which has the effect of being hit and even knocking them out!! names do hurt you in this strip..


Jane said...

The artist is my father, David Myers. I was the first to see the stories unfold - could hardly wait to see the artwork before it was sent off to the publisher :)

Peter Gray said...

Thanks Jane..did he draw other things for comics?

Indigo said...

Hi Peter - only just seen your question about my father... as far as I know he didn't do work for any other comics. There's a biog at There are 350+ cartoons archived here:

Do get in touch if you'd like to know anything else :)

Best wishes