Sunday 18 January 2015

Inside The Beezer 13th Feb 1988 featuring the first Club 5 and The Beezers (Sting the bee!)

A Wham Bar given two new characters join The Beezer in this issue!
I like True Brit and the Silly Party! Shame it didn't last that long...

Brian Walker does a nice Pop, Dick and Harry. Also a funny story!

Not sure who drew this...I know Steve Bright did later on..
Free gifts means new readers so comic page characters are reintroduced.

Barrie's work is always good fun in this era..Cuddles and Dimples on holiday!
 I bet Barrie loved drawing this! 

 I'm in love with Marina!

John Geering
The pages are lot more focussed on the characters and less detailed backgrounds...not so keen..
 Gordon Bell
Just like Young Sid the page has a small strip on the page..

I like comic characters enjoying the free gift from the comic..
Bob McGrath

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