Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Nutty highlights I remember fondly...

Here's a comic I remember buying!

love the fantasy of a dog banana which Nigel Parkinson used for Banana Bunch in the Dandy a few years ago..
Also lovely Nutty logo and colours red yellow..
Bananaman by John Geering

 Heres the first encounter with the Nerks..But here pink! I like Bananaman in this period where it didn't have to worry about the tv cartoon program and could be very zany and creative..
Ron Spencer 
all the pages I've put up I remember all those years back..

Barrie Appleby

ghosted by Steve Bright!

loved this character full of imagination..

Steve Bright did a spinoff series heres the last one 14th Sept 1985

22nd Oct 1983 George Martin..
Good fun this one..

Barrie Appleby 22nd Oct 1983

That image of Nosher panel 6 has certainly stayed with me!! Who was the artist please?

George Martin

Alway loved this strip Starship Lollypop preferred this to Nip and Rrip by George...not quite as imaginative..
Tom Williams

Gordon Bell who is of course great at drawing dogs!!

John Geering

Gordon Bell

Love the zaniness...I'm sure Steve Bright wrote this..
Tom Williams artist..

Always liked this character...

Another Barrie Appleby

I remember Hunk bumping the light...funny what stays in your memory..

Nutty was a great comic!

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Richie Brown said...

Interesting that Eric started out looking very different to how he was on the BBC cartoon series.

I'd also forgotten that the Wild Rovers had a character called Magnus Peke - heh heh!!