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Funny Fortnightly 4th Nov-17th Nov 1989

I loved Funny Fortnightly and Big Comic Fortnightly and used to have a regurlar order at the newsagent.
The cover is based on Krazy comic 1977 this time the cover is glossy..and no 'ello I'm cheeky!
Also missing off Mike Lacey's signature!!!!! also the boxer has lost the plaster on his forehead!!!!

advert on back of comic..

Hugh McNeill,

It has a game to guess the gag which is quite fun...I'm sure you got it right..check below..

It was quite nice these jokes alongside each reprint page.. The Fun Liner...

Competitions were often in Funny Fortnightly..

This is a reprint from Buster 1972....But was originally from Film Fun early 60's!
By Reg Parlett

Every Fortnight you had to find Willy hiding in the comic...

 He's hiding in the bottom quite tricky to spot...

Sid by Mike Lacey
£5 was a nice prize!

They reprinted from comics that were thinner 
this has a decorated border sometimes this is filled in with small jokes..
This is from Whoopee! 1974 when it was thin...Cor!! comic this was different from Big Comic Fortnightly..which avoided thin comics and the early 70's..

Graham Allen

 Leo Baxendale's super The Swot's and the Blots...
 Funny often showed comic characters from unusual comics...this is from Valiant comic another differences to Big Comic...

This one was from a Girl's comic of the 70's..

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Thanks for the plug Peter, and it's great to see FF getting more coverage online!