Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Triffik comic 1992 part 1

The highlights of Triffik!

I like this strip...the drawing looks familiar I'm sure the artist has drawn in comcis before?

John Geering (Bananaman Nutty/Dandy, Puss and Boots Sparky) also drew in Triffik!

Triffik! a very strange short lived comic...which most comic fans have probably never heard of...It did have great work by Lew Stringer on Tough Guy and Scruffy which I'm sure Lew on his blog will tell us more about this comic and these characters. The comic says it was the BDF LTD Communications Innovations Ltd.

The comic had lots of comic adventure stories which was very unusual in the 90's. So the story continued on for weeks.
Tough Guy's origin :)Lots of puns in this strip...

Heres some more reactions to Triffik....it wasn't Triffik! From comicsuk forum
part 2 next time..


Anonymous said...

take a look at ...
and see what some of us have been doing since then

alexander matthews said...

Ralf Recoil looks like it's by Ed McHenry, Peter.