Friday, 25 January 2008

Jack Clayton a real joker

Jack Clayton drew for Cheeky, Jackpot and Buster comic.
He did the wonderful joke page Hit the Jackpot! Where so much detail was put in the backgrounds...that sometimes the backgrounds were funnier than the jokes. He liked drawing little mice (Mickey types), cats, dogs and snails ...small animals. He was also great at drawing the over reaction the groan from a character. Almost falling backwards. Paddywack had this effect a lot.

His first work was in Cheeky late 70's where the kids recreate a scene for there home video. You can see how the kids did it with home made props and costumes. Again lots of funny details. Paddywack came later in Cheeky and even became when the comics merged the cover star of Whoopee!!.

I know he was called Jack Clayton because a reader asked the artist name in Do me a favour Buster!

Anyone know anything else about Jack Clayton let me know in the comments

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