Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Jackpot super fun competitions

Jackpot is a comic I discovered later...one cold rainy school day when we all had to be inside for playtime...out came the comic box with old comics...well 70's...early 80's..I was 8 in 1982...Well I discovered Jackpot it was amazing to me (also Plug comic...a blog for another time)...I'd seen Buster and Jackpot But here it was...with great characters like the Gremlins..Incredable Sulk..Robin Good..The Teeny Sweeny..cry baby..and also which I've seen before in Buster Laser Eraser..The Winners..Jackpot..see www.toonhound.com for more info on the characters..

Jackpot comic in the early eighties did many fun competitions...which todays comics could use today...For a shortish run it did some wacky ones...and regurarly

Like design the cover of a comic...what a great prize! Shame the kid has his or her drawing redrawn.mind you it would stand out the kids version.
See Jackpot covers at this blog to see..issue 116 shows the readers design..

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