Sunday, 27 January 2008

Les Barton Sparky your Great Grandfather read this

Les Barton drew I Spy in Sparky early 70's and the numbskullish super strip
Ma Kelly's Telly...little men inside a telly.
In the Sparky book 1973 he has done a wonderful piece showing what a Sparky comic of Victorian times looked like. Thr paper colour the cross hatching the wording all suit the mood.

Wonderful the characters being Victorianised. Like Invisible Dick with his torch now a lantern. Ma Kelly's Telly now a magic lantern as of course there was no telly in those days. Loved the new joke about the chicken crossing the road. :)

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Anonymous said...

the early 'SPARKY' annuals are all brilliant, PETER; especially 1971 [which features one of the best LES BARTON 'I SPYS' ever, and many other gems]--in my view the 71-74 annuals are the finest. ISPYSHHHGUY.