Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tom Paterson's Squinty McPhee The Dandy 1998

The Dandy 26th September 1998

We've seen this guy many a time in Calamity James...well here he is in a one off strip in The Dandy...:)


Steven Hartley said...

Oh yes, I've sure seen him around the backgrounds of "Calamity James".

He often appears as a minor character - like he would help James in some of the stories, he's sort of the climax when people don't realize it. Like, if James was poor - he'd come up and say - "I'm a daft millionaire, accept this dosh!"

WizzKid97 said...

That is brilliant, I love it! Tom paterson's artwork is beautiful and the rhyming is fantastic, very well-written!