Saturday, 16 April 2011

Meet-ups Bananaman meets Gums!

The Dandy 15th Jan 1994..I think Gums has appeared other times in Bananaman despite it from another comic company..DC interesting to see..its fun how Gums name is mentioned in the strip indirectly..:)

Buster 30th October 1982
IPC Magazines Ltd


John M. Gilheany said...

Hmmm... I'm left wondering; team-up, homage or blatant rip-off?!!

Anonymous said...

It was through an IPC 'GUMS' story in 1983 that I finally discovered the signed name of the artist John K Geering, Peter. I had been admiring his work on Puss N Boots since 1969, so it was 14 years before I actually discovered his name!

I met him [only once] a year later, in the DCT offices on the second floor.

A nice chap what I saw of him, and a teriffic cartoonist.

Thanks for showing.