Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Dandy's page numbers by Jamie

What is so good about about this small detail is
A) Its different every week
B) The numbers are clear
C) they are great fun and creative..

The Beano has started doing page number pictures as well...But it looks like theirs will stay the same each week (could be wrong!) a Minnie Beret for Minnies page a splattered tomato page number for Dennis...

But well done Jamie for bringing in this fun idea..and lets hope it continues to be different even after a year and not on a loop..:)

Jamie has done other great details in The Dandy (e.g the Blue Blob characters that appear on lots of pages...the Dandy issue number on the contents page has started to be different) and draws some very funny pages like Desperate Dan, Thingummy Blob and The Arena of Awesome which I'll cover another blog post in the future..
Jamie Smart

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